Grand Theft Auto: Vice City pulled from the Google Play Store

December 6, 2012

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Today was supposed to be an excellent day for Android gaming fans, especially those that enjoy Grand Theft Auto. Today was the official launch day for the iconic RockStar Games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but sadly they appear to be having a few issues at the moment. After the game went live on the Play Store this morning, it has since been removed and many buyers are experiencing issues.

GTA III was delayed more than a few times, so it's safe to say we might be having the same situation here on Android with Vice City. After multiple users purchased the new game this morning they were met with errors while trying to install, and eventually RockStar Games pulled the game from our store.

XAPK validation issues are causing a bit of trouble for the gaming company, and now they've issued a quick statement claiming the game wasn't actually supposed to be available yet this morning, and that GTA: Vice City will be back on the Android Play Store soon. Here's their comment right from the Rockstar Blog:

"We're aware that some users have attempted to download Vice City: 10th Anniversary Edition from the Google Play Store and have experienced validation errors.

Just to be clear: the game is not available for Android devices just yet, and if you're seeing it listed on the Store then this is an error, and you shouldn't attempt to download it. We'll keep you up to date and let you know as soon as the game is live and available to purchase."

Not sure how you mess up that bad and manage to publish a game to the Google Play Store without a complete validation in place, but what do I know. For those that managed to get the game and are enjoying it already, let us know how amazing it is in the comments below. For everyone else it looks like we'll have to wait for it to return on the Play Store. We'll update once we know more.

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  • kobe

    Don’t work…

  • same

    I was one of the first to try to download it at 4:45am official launch such bullshit n if you search vice city i believe its still on play

    • I can’t find it.. reports are also stating if you did get it, you can’t download the additional files. Way to go Rockstar. Blew ANOTHER launch.

      We’ll update when it’s officially back guys!

  • Jamie l

    Don’t work and in disappointed! Android always 2nd best to ios, maybe it’s time I change to apple…

    • DillPo313

      This is Rockstar’s fault not Google. They didn’t properly code (and test) the app before release.

      • jamie l

        yea true, just really disappointing! my handset is an xperia play and really wanted this today!

    • Que


    • Guest

      up vote if you logged in just to downvote this one!

      On a serious note, stop and try to understand the products and services which you partake of and how they are intertwined before loosing your opinions upon the internet.

  • FFS!

  • My question is after paying for the app and uninstalling it in an effort to download the files again-before we knew what the error was. Will Google charge me again? If that’s the case, there will be ZERO chance I will buy it.

    • disqus_OeIf127UR0

      No. You wont be charged again. It should say that you purchased it already.

  • Donny johnson

    I’m trying to understand how it’s available to the sensation but not the amaze which was released after and is better in every way. It didn’t show up for me and I’ve been looking since last nite?

  • RandoDude

    I will never buy a mobile GTA game again… My first experience was for my PSPGo (PlayStation Portable). I bought one of those GTA games and the thing literally had graphic slowdowns, making it unplayable. Driving a car too fast? Game slows down while you are mid-turn… How can they release a game like that?

    Secondly, I did end up buying GTA3 for Android. While I never experienced any slowdowns, I just found the touchscreen controls to be super awkward.

    These types of games are best left to the console IMO, from my two mobile GTA experiences so far.

    • Sean Downs

      I bought a bluetooth controller from gamestop, it fixed my hatred for the game. I can’t stand the stupid screenpad, it’s quite impossible to control completely. Bluetooth Android controller might be something to try.

    • Carter

      Sixaxis app works great with this problem too. I play everything with my PS3 controller on my tablet.

  • Sean Downs

    I bought it around 3am pst and it didn’t work like everyone was saying. So I trolled the play store comment board claiming to have installed and played the game and that CJ was as gansta as ever. Boos were hurled at me like usual, then Google got mad and told me I wasn’t contributing to the purpose of the comment board. They removed my comment. When am I going to be allowed to come out from under my bridge i ask? When?

  • seems funny the ios version has no trouble being released sound like another attempt from apple to bring android down shame on you apple

  • Sokolum

    The GTA II release on Android still not working properly on my Samsung Galaxy S3, there is no SOUND coming out (of the game)…. With Vice, will think think twice to buy it.

  • Marc

    Make it free cause we wasted our money on this scam