If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet and are looking for a top notch Android Smartphone, your opportunity has come with. Costco currently has the DROID X by Motorola for only $99 compared to the normal $199.

Keep in mind that the you have to be a Verizon customer to take advantage of this awesome deal. Did I mention that you also get a coupon with purchase of this device for up to 100 4×6″ prints at the Costco Photo Center(Score!). Grab your Costco membership card and head to the store and grab yourself a Droid X. Check out Slashgear’s Holiday Shopping Guide which features the Droid X.

Via [Costco}

  • Marc

    I just checked Amazon Wireless, and they are offering the Droid X at $49.99, which is 50 bucks less than Costco!

  • awwc

    yeah-but…you need to contract extend to get that price @ amazon wireless.