Google’s Superphone is Taken Apart, Confirms Support for WiFi N

January 7, 2010

Well, iFixit has done it again, they got their very own Android superphone and decided to tear it apart. For those who want to know what's inside the so-called superphone, this is good news, but others might be screaming; "what were they thinking!"

The good folks over at iFixit made a few discoveries after this teardown, one of them is that the WLAN chip is Broadcom’s BCM4329. Which is WiFi 802.11n-capable, and HTC actually confirmed to SlashGear earlier on yesterday, that the Nexus One has the hardware to connect to the faster wireless network standard.

After forking out $530 plus taxes on one of the greatest smartphones nowadays, I would definitely want to use it as intended, not break it in pieces, but that's just me. Would you do that to a great handset? Especially after spending a good amount of money on it?

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