Google’s brand new tablet is official and is being called the Nexus 7. Coming out of the box with the just announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and having all the awesome apps, games, books, magazines, and music from Google Play. Google has just announced the Nexus 7 will be available mid July, and pre-orders start today.

The brand new 7-inch HD Google Nexus 7 Tablet will ship directly from the Google Play Store in mid July — and that was the only date given. The price just as expected will be exceptionally low coming in at just $199. This makes the Nexus 7 not only one of the most powerful tablets available, but also the cheapest.

Getting a 7-inch HD screen, quad-core Tegra 3 processor, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean all for the low price of $199. Google’s also announced that pre-orders will be available starting later today on the Google Play Store, and all who pre-order will get a $25 gift card to spend in the Play Store. Stay tuned for more details as we’ll hopefully get some hands-on with it shortly.

  • one

    what about the euro guys? when will it be purchaseable from here ?

    • You can pre-order it from the UK Play Store. £159 for the 8GB and £199 for the 16GB. Comes with a £15 Play Store Voucher.

      • Rolf Allard van Hagen

        wow, that’s quite the price difference! 200 pounds versus 200 dollars? i’ll wait then…

      • You’re comparing the 16GB UK price with the 8GB US price.

        The 8GB model in the US is $200, converting it into pounds and adding VAT is £155.50 – so it’s around £3.50 difference.

        The 16GB one comes to £192 with VAT, so that one is around £7 price difference.

      • Rolf Allard van Hagen

        ok, thanks for explaining 🙂

  • jk

    Do you know by any chance, when it’ll be rolled out to Asia?

  • asdf

    god efing damn it.
    Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
    We’re working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
    Please check back again soon.

  • steve miller

    Where do you order? Not a single story tells you where or provides a link. Even Google’s own search engine is no help. Their news page no help.

    • Edgar

      Multiple stories, as well as the conference roll-out, announced that the Nexus 7 would be available starting the 27th of June from Google Play. I kept checking back there because it wasn’t there during the day (EST), but around 5 P.M. EST they began taking orders, and I placed mine immediately.
      Seriously, if you couldn’t figure out where they were going to sell it (most interested people knew that the devices would be available thru Google Play and possibly brick and mortar stores), you weren’t trying very hard.
      I got my order in within 5 minutes of when the “Order Here” sign went up on the website.
      This sounds like a really nice device for my purposes, can’t wait to get it and wring it out.

  • Sunshine
  • Josh

    Does this charge your credit card right away? Or does it charge when it ships?

  • NH

    I’ve done my pre-order for the 16GB version. Credit card is not charged till shipping is confirmed. Helluva excited!!

  • dakshmay21

    When does the 16gb ship ? Any ideas ?

  • wnemay

    The is the perfect device for a student. It is snappy, the battery lasts pretty long, and with all of the cloud apps, I can do my work anywhere, and resume from any other device.

  • Atanu Pattanayak

    does its support usb dongle??