Last week we reported that Google’s finally added scan and match to their Google Music cloud service. The feature in which if Google already has the song available for Google Music, instead of uploading the entire song they’ll just “scan and match” then add the song to your library for you. Much quicker. Sadly it looks like Google music doesn’t like naughty words or those explicit Ludacris songs we all have.

Reports surfaced this week that their scan and match was actually wrongly adding songs to users libraries that were completely edited. All the naughty words are gone and the “parental advisory” sticker has been removed by Google themselves. We’re hearing multiple reports and many users are quite upset after their 2Pac songs have all been edited. This same issue was present when Apple and Amazon both launched this service — even though theirs is a paid service — and surely Google will fix it soon just as they both did.

In the meantime, you can still fix this yourself although if you listen to lots of explicit music you might have plenty of tedious work to do. On the online Google Music player, each song has a little arrow for options, editing, or removal, and now there’s a Fix Incorrect Match button. Once you select that it will search again and choose another option from Google’s servers, which should be that version full of f words and other bad language you enjoy. Here’s a quick picture of what you’re looking for:

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 11.28.10 AM

Now Google won’t have all your music, and even if one song was matched, that doesn’t mean they all were. The image above came from an entire album and that was the only song matched by good ol Google. It looks like the service still needs a bit of work, but this has just been released last week and surely they’ll fix any issues in due time. If your song doesn’t have the “fix incorrect match” button then it wasn’t matched. For those having issues with naughty music being cut out by Google — give this a try.

  • It’s crazy that anyone is complaining about having their songs replace by Google Music Match since it doesn’t even work! All it does is upload your files to the cloud and that takes forever! They were probably on drugs at the time and forgot which songs they uploaded!

    • actually works just fine thanks. It was rolled out over time and not everyone had the match ability on day one

  • booked

    this is the only music service I have found that allows me to upload music and not store it on my phone. For now I will have to suffer with Google music. still sucks that they replace my music with censored crap.