Google: “Where’s Cee-Lo?”

February 2, 2011

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Among all of the developer previews and Honeycomb showcasing, recording artist, Cee-Lo Green was expected to make an early appearance under the Google Talk name "The Lady Killer" today on stage. He wasn't online when Google went to demo video chat, so they had to resort to other methods of showing off the system.

He then called towards the end of the event and graced the audience with his presence via Gtalk Video Chat running on what seemed to be a Motorola XOOM on both ends. Just a little spice to the already intense Honeycomb showcase.

Community, what was your favorite demo during the presentation today?

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  • Anonymous

    He was probably battling freezing cold and rolling brown-outs lol.

    • Dylan Bailey

      The 30+ minutes would give him adequate time… hmmm.

  • George

    his 15 min of fame will be up and sec so not loss. they should have rejected the call and skipped him

    • Chris Burns

      he’s been famous for almost 20 years

  • Scott Hammer

    Just saw Cee-Lo’s latest music video. Not so subtle message from Google to Apple? You decide: