Google updates Goggles and Maps with night mode and more


Google has just pushed two updates out for their popular Google Maps and Google Goggles apps. Bringing a few needed improvements to Goggles, and an awesome new night mode to Google Maps Navigation and more. We’ve snapped a few screenshots of the what’s new page for those interested and have all the details below.

First off, Google Maps has seen more than a few updates lately but all have been very minor and the same applies here. Only adding a “night mode” for navigation while going through tunnels. Here in Vegas we don’t have too many of those, and instead just lots of Casinos. Give the new update a try and check out that night mode.

Next is Google Goggles — yes they are still updating this application occasionally although it has been a while. Goggles appears to have received a rather large update bringing all sorts of improvements and big fixes this time around. The performance improvements for continuous mode are a welcomed addition.

Not to be rude but looking over the “what’s new” for Goggles I can’t help but wonder who the heck wrote it. English skills seem to be lacking. Get the updates right now from the market links below.

Google Maps
Google Goggles

  • Anonymous

    I’ve read through that Goggles screenshot 5 times and don’t see what you’re complaining about…

  • No offense, but the crew here at Android Community are in _no_ position to flame Google over composition skills and/or grammar.

    Of course, if you guys think you can handle daily (and brutal) criticism along those lines, I’d be more than happy to pitch in. Just sayin’… šŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I think the jab is that the tense seems to be a future-command (not sure what it would actually be called), when you might expect it to be present tense. However, I think in commits it’s normal to use this kind of tense; you write what the error was and how it should behave, as opposed to writing what you fixed. Although I would probably write “should not storeĀ inaccurateĀ locations” as opposed to don’t.

    I am pretty sure the teams repo-commits are what comprise the what’s new section, but as I am not an android dev myself, I am not positive.