Google shows the Galaxy Nexus LTE’s bigger, darker profile

November 23, 2011

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We've known for a while that the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus, the model that Verizon will be launching in the U.S. (eventually), would be a little chunkier than its HSPA+ brother. Fed up with waiting on Verizon to release some official information, Google went ahead and put a 360-degree view of the LTE model up on the official Nexus web page. You can see the relevant comparison below.

The LTE model is 9.47 millimeters thick, just a hair more than the HSPA+ version at 8.9mm. The extra space is to accommodate an LTE radio and a battery that's 100 mAh larger - 1850 to the standard model's 1750. You can also see that the LTE version dispenses with the silver-painted plastic ringing the outside of the phone, going for a matte grey/black look. The battery cover may be a different shade as well, but since they're both press shots and appear to differ somewhat, that may be a trick of the light.

Seeing the models side by side dispels worries that the LTE Galaxy Nexus would be a thick brick, not unlike certain Verizon LTE phones we could mention (cough, Thunderbolt, cough, BIONIC). Sure, it's not going to give the DROID RAZR a run for its money any time soon, but it isn't really meant to, and a dual-core phone with a gigantic screen and an LTE radio is still doing well to make it in under the centimeter mark. Now if we could only buy the phone.

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  • Blazemstr

    Seriously, what is up with Verizon.  They haven’t announced anything but to have a teaser on their website.  I have been a verizon customer for 10+ years but am thinking about switching to At&t and just getting the I-Phone 4S.  I am so tired of dealing with Big Red’s BS.  Seriously, just give the folks a release date.  Why is it such an F***ing game to yoiu.  Big Red needs to be knocked off it’s high horse. They thing they are so great because they have dominated the market, but seriously, Verizon went on Strike this past year and I had 4 incompetent repair guys come from the finance department come to my house and try to make repairs, which ended up being a cut fios line that was cut on the day they went on strike (ironic).  They are an F***ed up company that is way to big. Time to knock them down.  At&t, here I come and I hope others will follow.

    • Anonymous

      Really Verizon is too big? Wait till AT&T takes t-mobile. Verizon hasn’t given a release date because unlike google, they know that if you say a date and don’t make it, people get pissed. they haven’t broken any promises, they haven’t gotten anyones hopes up. Just cuz we know about the nexus, doesn’t mean anything. I’d rather them take awhile and put out a solid decent phone. As for your fios line… that was a disgruntled worker. Not sure how thats Verizons fault. But whatever, go with AT&T, you’ll regret it.

      • Blazemstr

        Point taken. Thanks.

      • Mike

        At&t and t-mobile announced today that they officially would “not” be merging.

      • Anonymous

        That’s good news.

    • I was with AT@T for 4 years.  Take my advice and stay with Verizon.  Go AT&T and you will regret it that’s for sure.  But go on and see for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I think the HSPA+ version looks better. Not a fan of the matte grey. And the LTE model’s screen looks less curved than the HSPA+ version. Guess I’ll wait till next month when I can hold one in my hand.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a trick of the curved silver. Makes it seem more curved. 

    • Anonymous

      hopefully the Verizon version is not to big it does look less curved and the flat black looks plan as 
      sh!t  the galaxy2 and galaxy note both look like high quality builds from the outside and this picture of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus outside plastic looks cheap like a imported Russian car.

  • Egeferentino9

    I can’t believe everyone is so upset that Verizon hasn’t released a date. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe Verizon hasn’t mentioned a release date yet because they want to make sure that there no bugs in the software.

    • Anonymous

      Motos are priority in Verizon eyes and since they purchased a boat load of Razr’s betting on that phone.. they need to clear there inventory,  walk into a verizon store and the first thing they will do is push you to the razr phones or i phones… than mention galaxy nexus and they will look at you crossed eyed and than proceed to tell you they have never heard of the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    As far as I know its just a trick of the light, but either way they both look great. Can’t wait for mine to come in next week 😉

  • Enoel69

    Two questions Micheal 1) will the 1850mAh battery fit and work well with the GSM model? 2) So far we have only seen the 16GB GSM model , when will we start seeing the 32GB GSM US version? Due to the lack of an SD card expansion and memory concerns (huge factor for many fence sitters myself included), i will only buy a 32GB GSM model. Hopefully Google makes that available soon..note i said Google not Samsung reasons being i want Google to assert themselves more when it comes to their device. Don’t like the fact they seem to be ceding control of their device to OEMs and carriers. Putting Galaxy b4 Nexus in the naming of the device kind of irks me..makes it look like just another Samsung Galaxy device. The naming should start with emphasis on NEXUS (stressing it is a Google made device w/ pure Android) and what ever comes after that….like in Nexus One, Nexus S, Nexus Prime etc

    • Anonymous

      Haven’t you ever thought Google marketing ” wanted” to put Galaxy first instead of Nexus? Samsung have done well with the Galaxy S line and Google thinks it will sell more putting the Galaxy name first. Maybe not in the Android community but the rest of the world would know brand Galaxy more than Nexus.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Just get the rezound. It will get ics soon.