Google reportedly lobbying against proposed ban on Glass while driving

February 25, 2014

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It appears Google is taking political steps to make sure Glass has a smooth road ahead, should they ever release it publicly. A report by Reuters suggests Google has hired lobbyists in an attempt to dissuade pending legal action against Glass during your drive. At least seven states are considering banning the headset while driving.

 If passed, a bill disallowing Glass to be worn during driving is nearly fatal for the technology. Concerned politicians feel that anything which readily distracts you from the road while driving should be banned ad hoc. Google, of course, feels there is simply a misunderstanding, and is trying to use the case in San Diego as an example that fighting Glass may not be worth it.

Google’s lobbyists are working in Missouri, Illinois, and Deleware in an attempt to sway elected officials against a Glass ban. Other states which are entertaining a ban, such as New York or Wyoming, have either not been contacted by Google or haven’t said if they’ve been approached. Google, for their part, encourages Glass Pioneers and Explorers to obey all laws while driving.

The Mountain View company is also taking the stance that since Glass is not available to the public, a ban would be premature. Joe Miro, a State Representative from Delaware, said “I’m not against Google or Google Glass. It may have a place in society. My issue is that while you are driving, you should have nothing that is going to impede the concentration of the driver.”

The problem comes with proof. As was the case in San Diego, the driver was ticketed for wearing Glass, as the officer couldn’t prove she was using it. The solution, it seems, could be drastic for Glass users. Maryland House of Delegates member Benjamin Kramer said states need stricter laws, and with regard to Glass and all the confusion, he says “The way to get around it is just to prohibit them altogether”.

Source: Reuters

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  • Jas

    Glass should have a navigation only mode with an outside indicator that it is on navigation only mode. Throw in an outside indicator that recording is on (for the privacy concerned citizens). The indicator doesn’t have to be an annoying LED light, just a soft light or like a color changing paint or something.

  • Don

    So why haven’t they banned car radio and car media players?! Or driving with food or beverage? Different rules for different folk.

    • V-Phuc

      So you don’t mind another distraction while driving, yes? So going with your reasoning, why not install the whole entertaonment home theater system in your dashboard so you don’t miss anything?!!! Perhaps you can multi-task with 100% efficiency, but can we assume that EVERYONE can? I would hate to see myself, any member of my family, or anyone in that matter being seriously injured by a driver (a bit too) preoccupied to check on his Glass display rather than driving. Do you?