This came flying out of an orange-colored sky: the android Market is no more. Say hello to Google Play, the new hub for all of Google’s hosted media, including Android apps, music, movies, books, and whatever else they’d like to throw in there. The application is rolling out to Android phones and tablets now, and if you don’t have it already, you’ll probably be getting it in the next day or so. As far as we can tell, it’s a worldwide change: you can see the new web interface by going to

Of course, you wouldn’t be reading this site if you weren’t interested in the newest and coolest stuff. This being the case, we tracked down an early version of the new Google Play vending APK, handily updated by the denizens of XDA. Click here to download the APK file. You shouldn’t need root to apply the update – just install it via the standard non-market method.

The new “market” API is version You can see the new interface on our Galaxy Tab 7.7 above. As a centralized hub for all of Google’s content, “Play” makes sense, and aside from the name you shouldn’t have too much to get used to. Affected apps are getting a refresh too, like Google Music, now rechristened “Google Play Music”. Of course, all this raises questions about the much-ballyhooed Nexus tablet, also rumored to be called “Google Play”….

[via XDA]

  • firethorn

    Guys, appreciate your efforts bringing this kind of stuff here from XDA. But instead of only providing a download link (which is cool if you read AndCommunity on a smartphone or tablet) maybe offer a QR code as well like XDA actually do?

  • Roland Gee

    The reasoning is sound: I don’t Want 
     sound: I Want Android Market .Don’t Dictate to us ! Give us a choice. Now my suite case icon has no application.
    Bring it back then give us a choice.

    • ScottDooley

      Are you really complaining about a name?

  • Motorcop21

    I force stopped my Google play store app. How the hell do I get it running again

  • Stevie

    Really annoyed, widget for the store is gone,

    • Bigdaddyosofine

      Just add the play shortcut the widget wasn’t even that nice.

  • It’s already available for Android I believe, at least my Arc S has already updated to Google Play… I live in Germany. 

  • Theodisc


  • gelic

    My galaxy tab 10.1 did not update to google play 🙁 why???

  • Jakayamcall1

    My EVO 4g market did not up date .. Why not ?

  • Xxjuicylipzxx

    hey, i was wondering if its possible to have the play store app on my nokia n8 ive looked on other sites and it says i can so i download it but nothings happing could u help me pls

  • HTC-Desire

    My HTC Desire did not get any connection to google play server, the problem was time, 1980-01-01 => won’t work (cannot update from network), but time set helps… and now I have 18 updates on Play Store…

  • chuck

    Used the apk file download trying to nstall on a new Curtis lt8088 tablet, starts to load but stops. Anyway to install google play store? Tablet came with getjar but doesn’t have apps I like. Thanks in advance for any advice.