Google Play Store mod removes location-based restrictions

April 16, 2012

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Are you Slovenia's biggest Android fan, but bummed that you can't download apps that aren't available in your country? Then the latest mod from XDA might be right up your alley. XDA member Deeco7 has posted a modified version of the "Vending.apk" Google Play Store app file, with the aim of allowing anyone to download any app, regardless of their own location or the restrictions built into the app. The modified app works with Android 2.2 or later, and you don't even need root to install it.

It's a long way from perfect: those outside the US still can't buy music, movies or books in the Google Play Store, and paid apps may be something of a challenge in remote areas as well. There's also considerable technical issues, including some Ice Cream Sandwich compatibility problems that arose with the original mod. Another developer posted a repaired APK and instructions for more reliable installation, but you'll need root access and a working knowledge of the Android file system and permissions to take advantage of it.

Even so, it's nice to see some attention coming to this annoying issue. Previous solutions involved modding the phone's build.prop file or using a proxy server, neither of which was easy or ideal. Though success with Deeco7's seems to be somewhat hit or miss, it's a lot better than having no options at all. The next timely update to the Google Play Store (which usually comes as a background download) will likely knock it out, so those of you with custom recoveries may want to make a backup just in case.

[via XDA blog]

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  • WossMan

    I don’t mind the current workarounds to see all apps. What I hate is that Google thinks my money isn’t good enough. I’m willing to pay for apps but the stupid location restrictions won’t let me. I expect that from the likes of Apple. But not Google.