Yesterday our good friends at Google released a new and totally improved Google Play Store with a completely new design. This is a big change from the previous version and they’ve introduced larger HD images and app artwork, and a card style layout that’s easier to navigate. However, the new version went back to the old school white color theme with green everywhere of old. If you want the Play Store back to black, we have you covered.

We’re big fans of inverting popular Google apps to black color themes, and have covered plenty of these inverted apps in the past. Today though we have a special one because this is the latest Google Play Store v4.0.25 that was just released yesterday that many people still don’t have, and it has already been inverted to a beautiful black color theme as you see above. Everything is still amazingly awesome, fast, and stable, only we get the black colors back that we loved.

We owe thanks to the awesome Team BlackOut developers, and this mod comes from our pal @B_boytm. While we’re focusing on the new Play Store today, if you’d like to blackout Gmail (with white or even Jelly Bean blue text) Google Voice, Google Now, and many other Google Apps you’ll want to check out this entire RootzWiki thread.

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 9.55.10 AM

Looks hot right? So how do you get the brand new Google Play Store inverted back to Black? Here’s how! If you’ve already updated to the new Play Store v4.0.25 you need to go into Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and uninstall the update first. This will take you back to the old version. Then proceed to flash the below file in recovery.


– Download the zip (click here)
– Boot into recovery and flash the zip (named
– Reboot and enjoy!

If it doesn’t work, use a file explorer that can view system files and make sure your Store is named Phonesky.apk instead of Vending.apk in /system/apps. Rename it if needed and reboot, then follow instructions above.

That’s all. You now have the latest Google Play Store released by Google yesterday but back to the classic black color theme we’re all use to seeing lately. As a reminder, it’s always good to backup the previous version before wiping it out or replacing. And we, nor the developers are responsible for any issues you may face.

This is extremely simple and we did it in about 3 minutes, so flash away and enjoy that improved Play Store 4. For those that don’t care about the black theme, and would just like the newest version of the Google Play Store that was released yesterday, click here.

[via @B_Boytm]

  • Nicholas M

    Thanks, I’ll have to flash this later. It’s always nice to have as many black-interfaced apps as possible when you’re using a Super-AMOLED phone display.

  • Kdizzle

    Worked for me! Sprint Galaxy S III with CM10.1 KT747 Kernel

  • Jimmy

    I have never figured out why Google doesn’t offer an “inverted” color scheme in ANY of their apps…

    • It would be nice. I guess they don’t feel the need to offer that. Plus, then what would these awesome developers do.

    • freedomspopular

      Agreed. My AMOLED screen appreciates it, and even if I had a different phone, I still like the black themes better. Makes night-viewing easier on the eyes too.

  • S Sharp

    Do you have to be rooted?

    • You have to flash it in a custom recovery… so 😉

  • Raza

    Can we have a tutorial? I’m stuck.

    • How can I help you @6cedcd2b78e70537724dff095f2a4725:disqus ? It’s pretty simple. You need to have a custom recovery to flash the file.

  • Charles Sweeney

    Got it, it worked great for me, although not how the directions say but I still figured it on my EVO 4G LTE.

  • Charles Sweeney

    Now to get the other gapps in black!

    • @google-b56ea8740c3787a97ee171230490f77e:disqus hit the Rootz link in my post. He has 12 more in Black. I’ll feature a how-to make Google Now black tomorrow! It’s amazing…

      • Alex Tee

        Can this work on the HTC One? does the phone need to be rooted? how do you get to ‘recovery mode’ with this phone?

  • Shawn

    Shouldn’t the light gray accents be in light blue to match the holo theme?

    • I’ll post one later this weekend that’s nearly the same but all the top bars are blue and everything is holo blue accented. sexy

      • rotkiv3451

        Awesome! Thanks!

  • Ilya Lipets

    Did not work for me on ATT LGOG. It FC right away. Any ideas?

    • You flashed in recovery right..? Make sure its named phonesky.apk and not vending. Did you see that instruction

      • Ilya Lipets

        Yes, I have TWRP installed, and the apk is called phonesky.

  • Sami.584.DX

    I followed the instructions & changed the name from Vending.apk to Phonesky.apk. Then went to Recovery Mode & “apply update from sdcard”,but it didn’t find the ZIP file that is provided here. My tablet is rooted. Any solution?

  • I have a Galaxy Note 2, when I boot in recovery there is no “flash” option. Help?

  • illiad

    erm, will this work in a NONROOTED phone??