It seems that quite a number of users are reporting to be experiencing some issues with the Google Play Store app on their devices. The problems, however, don’t seem to be affecting all users in all regions and Google has yet to make any statement, or even an acknowledgment, about it.

Users have started reporting a few hours ago that they were having problems with the Google Play service, particularly, its Android app store. The issues ranged from not being able to download, install, or update apps, to problems with Google Play app itself.

The issue and those who are affected seem to be quite random, as it does not happen on all Android devices. While it seems that most of the reports are coming from the US, on any of the major carriers, not everybody in that region is experiencing the same troubles.

This isn’t the first time the service has experienced issues, with the last big one happening last August, and it will most likely not be the last. Still, given the growing number of affected users, it would be reassuring if Google even acknowledged the issue as they did in the previous bug. We’ll just hope that they’re just too busy fixing the issues to make a statement, or a support ticket, right now.

VIA: Android Headlines

  • Julian G

    I was experiencing the “Can’t connect to server” error message; I went into my Apps via Settings, stopped and cleared data for Google Play and Google Services Framework, then restarted my phone. I was able to install and update apps after that, but I’m not sure if that was actually a viable solution. It worked for me, so YMMV

  • Dan

    I hard reset my Note 2 and it is working now.

  • John Bailey

    I’ll almost guarantee that “Downloads” system app became disabled somehow. Go to Settings, Apps, All apps, then see if the Downloads app is disabled. Of course I’ve only seen this happen on Samsung devices.

    • pom

      thank you..I’m using google nexus 7 and play store has stopped working. I followed the steps above and now my google play store is working.

  • awar

    google play app and google hangouts would not open on my samsung charge. I fixed it by starting it in safe mode. google play then worked properly. From there I was able to upday Play and Hangouts.

  • dilllip biswal

    I, dillip biswal sending a msg for your reply. When I open a play store, always reply on screen “unfortunately google process has stopped”. For this msg call and play store alway problem. Pl solvethis problem.

  • Russell Wilson

    I don’t know what else to do fix this google play keep opening with out my knowledge opening new tabs on my phone is ended up going over my limit last month because if my phone is on so is google play it even bumps me out of things hell there’s even a tab open right now for some slot machine game STOP THIS

  • Amy

    I’m as frustrated as Russell Wilson. Same thing. Google Play will just randomly open whether I’m texting or in another app or even when I’m just browsing Facebook. It is ENORMOUSLY aggravating and this unwanted, random launching of Google Play had pushed my data limit over my data plan. Quit screwing us over, Google! Fix this!

    • big blu

      Kitkat update my have something yo do with it

  • rhona

    I still cant download or update anything from Google Play I keep getting ” cannot be downloaded due to an error(491)”. I tried everything resetting my phone, clearing cache on google play starting a new account but nothing worked

    • XDAN

      Uninstall the google play app updates and it will work again

  • casino4real

    mine can’t even open atol…..

  • Fernanda Rodriguez

    I get error when u download…I have to delete update to get it to work.

  • D.K. J.N.

    I noticed the problem also today(12-16-2013)..whenever I try to connect to the play store it just takes me back to the apps screen..hmmmmm??????

  • D.K. J.N.

    Mine cant even open either..casino4real..I got the same problem…luckily I have a samsung galaxy so I guess I’ll just have to use my Samsung Apps instead might be better at this point I’m starting to think.

  • Victor

    I am extremely disappointed of android and google. My tablet just stoped updating every app and it’s not installing any new one either. This has been going on for a week and eventhough I’ve read and tried A LOT of supposed fixes on many forums this just doesn’t work. I’m writing this after having reset my device and it’s even worse since I’ve lost every app I had and the problem persists.

    In this position I’m in right now, I’ve lost my confidence on this OS and its developer. My tablet was not cheap, I paid $600 dollars for it and right now it’s useless due to software problems; the hardware is great, but useless with no apps… I bought android because I believe in ‘free’ or ‘open’ software…

    My next tablet will be using apple or microsoft OS.

    By the way, my wife’s smartphone, and android phone, it’s having the same problem. Lucky I am, I have a windows phone…

  • trecap

    I lost many month’s of a game and money invested who reimburses all the money I put in

  • wo1b

    We purchased two of the Android Tablet PC(s) for Christmas gifts. We can
    purchase and download movies but are required to install the Google
    Movies and TV app to watch these movies. The Google Movies and TV app
    cannot contact the server. Something is wrong with the app. – Very
    disappointing that Google would release something like this. Its time to
    return these Androids. They don’t work.

  • Monterroso Sergio

    The same thing happened to me all my apps were destroyed now all I can do is use my build in all Which are memos and cameras

  • John

    I cannot download apps, sync my Gmail , use chrome on my brand new HTC One…it just reports an error message Google servers are not working at this time!..please try again later! This is a absolute pain.. what can I do!!!?

  • Eedz P

    I am having trouble even getting into the play store because it auto updated once my new wifi was set up. Is there a way to uninstall this update or possibly update again. My connection times out. It took 27 retries yesterday and today I’m at 30. I paid for music and can’t even listen to it. Help!

  • dzygamer

    Mines keeps on saying no connection and it won’t let me sign in to any account or download any apps can somebody please tell me what to do