Google has released an update for the free Google Play Music app, touting that this new version is now “harder, better, faster, stronger” in a nice little homage to Daft Punk. Version 4.3.606 of the Google Play Music app adds a reworked user interface, with transport controls now appearing on the action bar. It addition to the tweaked UI, this update also adds new Now Playing functionality, allowing users to queue up and rearrange songs.

That isn’t all though, as the update also adds large album artwork to the Recent section and features album artwork and thumbs up buttons on the Google Music widget. Finally, with update 4.3.606, playlist artwork is now constructed with the album artwork of songs in the playlist.

Some pretty snazzy additions were made with this update, but Google’s claim that this new version is “harder, better, faster, stronger” suggests that it has made additional enhancements behind the scenes. Regardless of what it isn’t talking about, we’re sure many Google Play Music users will be quite satisfied knowing that the UI and widget have undergone some cosmetic enhancements with this update.

[via Google Play]

  • Sadly the widget is still REALLY ugly and only comes in 1 size 🙁

  • epikvision

    Haven’t tried google music yet. I prefer poweramp.

  • rolo143

    PlayerPro is the best music player for me.