The latest Google Play Music app update has come available in the Play Store and it looks like it has brought a few worthwhile changes and improvements. This latest round of changes touches on music download speeds, search and data usage. Given many are fighting low data caps the data usage seems key for those who may find themselves regularly downloading and streaming.

Google has said this Play Music update adds a new setting for bandwidth usage while on a mobile network and that it should reduce the overall amount of data usage. On the topic of downloading, this latest Play Music update should also bring increased speeds for music downloads. Finally, Google hasn’t said much on this last change, but moving forward the search quality should be improved.

Anyway, this latest update arrives as v5.0.1052J and was following rather closely to the previous (v5.0.1041J) update. That update arrived towards the end of May and added the ability to delete tracks and the ability to share and add songs to a playlist from the Now Playing screen.

Of course, while these previous two updates brought a decent set of changes, the bigger deal arrived last month during Google I/O. We are fairly certain everyone remembers that update, however that was the All Access announcement. Google Play Music All Access offers radio with an unlimited amount of skipping. Google also touts the service as offering “millions” of songs.

With All Access in mind, we are also getting close to the cut off of the introductory pricing offer. That service will regularly be priced at $9.99 per month however those who sign up before the end of June will be able to get it for $7.99 per month. And in addition, Google is currently offering a 30-day free trial for new All Access users.

SOURCE: Google Play Store

  • lomelir

    You can have same service plus unlimited downloads so you can listen without using dataplan by downloading RDIO. I wished Googleplay could have this feature. So far RDio it’s better.

    • c_topher_v

      I have a ton of songs downloaded from Google Play. Create a playlist (mine is called Pinned), pin all songs in it to your phone, add songs from Google All Play to that playlist and they will download to your phone.

      • eAbyss

        Unfortunately Google Music STILL doesn’t support external storage. Also just copying them from your PC to your SD card doesn’t work well with Google Music because everything just shows up as double.

      • grazilla

        use song spout, it will allow you to take any song off all access and download it. then you can put it on any mp3 playing device that you wish.

  • Nunya

    Still no SONOS!

  • Andrew

    Now all they need is a black/dark theme for AMOLED displays…because I’m too lazy to mod it again

    • Tangs

      Can you mod it into a black theme ?

      • Andrew

        I don’t need to anymore – if you run a CM10 based ROM, you can install a theme that themes Google Play Music.