Google is now using Google+ posts as ads across other sites, the company announced today. The “+Post” ads will display on Google’s two million sites available on its Google Display Network. By taking posts that include photos, videos, or a Hangouts video and turning them into ads, Google thinks brands will consider “the entire web as their social stream.”

They also hope to bolster their social service as one brands will turn to first, as it can in turn bring the posts to various other advertising avenues. Long considered a “ghost town” when compared to the likes of Facebook, Google+ needs a way to boost it’s profile, and tying it into advertising is the most Google way to do that.

Google points to Toyota in their launch of the 2014 Corolla as a shining example of just how this approach can work for the advertiser. By bringing their posts to other sites, it engages more than the typical ad does. It also has the effect of humanizing a brand, giving it a face and interactive quality not seen with your run-of-the-mill advertising efforts.

Right now, the program is limited to a few specific brands as Google obtains feedback from advertisers and users alike. Once they feel the program is in a place where it has maximum impact for advertisers without being intrusive to consumers, it will roll out to other advertisers and wider exposure.

  • Disasterpiece

    Google: we will not stop until we find a way to make ads a part of every facet of your lives!
    Apple: why not sell things… other than ads?
    Samsung: yeah like us. We sell EVERYTHING!
    Microsoft: ha, Google sucks and so do the rest of you!… but I can borrow some apps? I’m running a little low here…

    Amazon: (scoffs) all of you are suckers if you ask me. We are trying to out “Wal-mart” Walmart!
    NSA, FBI: whatever you do, we’re watching!