Google has gone ahead and pressed the big green “Go” button for another update to the beloved Nexus One. According to details the Google Nexus One “superphone” as they originally called it, is now getting an OTA update to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. This is pure vanilla Android right here, with some Gingerbread cookies of course. Apparently this has a few bug fixes like the Voice control issue that also plagued the Nexus S.

I still have my old faithful Nexus One and I think it’s about time I give her a boot and see how things look. Although I’ve been running CyanogenMod 5, 6, and 7 on her for a long while now it’s no where near stock. Many new users to Android might not remember the Google Nexus One, it was the first big device with a 3.7″ AMOLED display, 1 GHz Qualcomm processor and more making it the best the Android world had seen yet, but its reign didn’t last long.

It’s nice to see Google keeping the still very popular Nexus One up to date with latest updates and fixes but we do have some potentially bad news. For those accepting the update we are hearing that somehow Google let slip a small bug that managed to break pinch-to-zoom for photos in the gallery. As always users can manually pull the update by going to menu > settings > about phone > check for updates. While there does seem to be a bug with the gallery I’m sure those developers will get it fixed in no time, although most Nexus One users are probably running some sort of custom ROM.

Give the 2.3.6 OTA a download and let us know how things go on your stock Nexus One.

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  • I got the update on my nexus one yesterday and since then, my camera is unresponsive. HELP, I use it alot, for work. Do I have to change phones now?

    I love my nexus one! How can I revert the update?

    • the update cant be reverted, but you can however very easily root and go back to a previous version by following simple instructions at XDA.

      There is no “revert” options sadly. You’ll have to wipe the device and install a 3rd party rom, or wait for another OTA.

  • KD

    2.3.6 has broken the hotspot tethering on my phone. You can configure the hotspot, launch the hotspot and connect to the hotspot, you just can’t do anything after that. No data, no browsing, no nothing.

  • Arielgb2

    This update is great i notices a few changes:

    -Voice search enhanced, now I can do whatever I want (except oppening apps) with it.
    -Smarter GPS: Now you can keep it activated without it beeing used unless you open maps. Usefull if you dont want to activate it just when you need to use it.

    -Space bar changed on form filling sections: The space bar on keyboard now gets divided into two, the right half is a button that allows you to go to the next filling square on forms.

    -Tethering fixed.

    Any other changes noticed?
    Be pattient, Ice cream sandwich is coming!

  • Dm

    Fix the f’ing touchscreen.

  • Kamal Safi

    Hardware information: internal memory is 512gb. I have 512 mb in it. :-p

    • Asmarti08

      It says .512 GB, not 512 GB. Notice the decimal point.

  • Kamal Safi

    Everything screwed with 2.3.6. Utube or any other video pages isn’t working. Market is deadly slow. Zoom with two fingers not working in gallery. Music get old again. Speed is dead now. I want my old back

    • Capotic

      I have the same issue

  • Kamal Safi


  • Guest

    after update it now moves at the speed of a thousand dead snails… annoying

  • nexus one owner

    don’t download this update! If anything its more like an effing downgrade! Urgh!  Now my camera n music player don’t work anymore n because of this I have forced to use the default annoying ringtone..also it wouldn’t recognize my SD card! I’m so pissed!!! Anybody knows a way to uninstall this piecevof crap ??

  • Yeahya

    downloaded update and my N1 is good…. It may be a little slower(can’t really tell yet) and yes the pinch to zoom is gone. Lost a couple of widgets, but I think that can be addressed by the developer