Word has surfaced that Google has made another hire, and he is a prominent hire indeed. The new Google worker is one James Gosling, the dude that invented Java. Interestingly Google and Oracle, who now owns Java, are in a legal battle over the alleged use of Java code in the Android stack.

The poaching of the man behind Java can’t sit well with Oracle. Gosling has stated in a blog post that he doesn’t know what he will be working on yet. Yeah right, Gosling is headed to the Android team if he is going anywhere.

Gosling noted that he passed on several spots before landing at Google. He wrote, “[the new job] looks like interesting fun with huge leverage.” Gosling developed Java in 1911 at Sun and the language went live in 1995.

[via Mashable]

  • Andrewtomjones

    1991 not 1911

  • 1911… wow! He sure is an old hand at this stuff

    • Robert

      Damn 2 of you beat me 2 it…

  • Phil

    “developed Java in 1911” – Wow! That’s awesome!

  • This is great news for google. http://adventuresofajavadeveloper.blogspot.com/

  • Sorry! But the project started in 1991, NOT 1911. Great Article

  • Nismo300zx

    Lol I love 1911, keep it!

  • Lolly

    1911…lol….Proof-read the article once before posting…..