Google Keep future features discovered in code excavation

September 16, 2013

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When Google announced its Google Keep note-taking app last March, it was nothing more than a handy digital post-it system. And though it was recently updated to include a few more features, users are clamoring for more, and it seems that they will indeed get more if this code examination is any indication.

Google Keep already has the most basic note-taking features: text, audio clips, and images or photos from an Android device's camera. In a recent update, it also gained the ability to set time- or location-based reminders. It stores its data on Google Drive, but that integration is just a one-way street. It seems, though, that Google is planning to expand the service and integrate it more with its online storage service.

A dive into Google Keep's code reveals placeholders for features not yet present in the current version. This include the ability to upload a file to Google Drive and add the file to a note as an attachment, previewing the file in Google Drive or an external application, or even adding videos from YouTube or Google Drive and view them right inside Google Keep.

Of course, just because the code is there right now doesn't mean the features will really make it in the unknown future, especially considering how often Google flip flops on its own products (remember Google Reader?). But if the features do manage to arrive in one piece, it will be interesting to see if Google Keep will be taking on Evernote or if it will remain a note-taking class of its own.

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  • JonJJon

    All I want is the ability to properly share Keep notes such as via an NFC tap and the ability to collaboratively write notes with friends for things such as plans for a day out. Two features Drive has that could be easily implemented from the Drive side of things.

    • Dave Davis

      Agree. Not being able to share notes with other keep users is odd. Seems like it would be core functionality. It can share (as text) with everything else via intents.

      The ability to add multiple location reminders would be cool though. i.e, Reminder to buy milk when you’re near one of your many local stores that sells milk. Merge the two and your housemate will get notified to get the milk as they pass a store on their way home.

  • Ismael Rodriguez

    I’m still waiting for them to merge Google Tasks into it. I think it makes more sense for it to be a part of Keep or maybe even Drive, rather than Calendar.