Steve Grove is a member of the Google+ team. A three-year member of the team to be specific, but more important than the length of time he has been with the team, Grove recently spoke with LiveMint and had some interesting comments about Google+. And one of those comments touched on “the next version of Google.”

To that point, Grove was asked about why Google+ started as a social network and eded up being integrated with a number of other Google services. Grove touched on how Google has been consolidating services and mentioned how “the reason for that is that Google+ is kind of like the next version of Google.”

Seems like it will only get harder for people to ignore Google+ moving forward. Grove also spoke briefly about how they are “seeing lots of activity on mobile now” and about how people will start seeing “there’s a lot of value in logging into our [Google] services.” This was in reference to search, which is already integrated with Google+.

There was also brief mention of the whole Google+ and YouTube comment mixing, but otherwise, talk turned to where Google+ may be going in the future. Here Grove spoke about how mobile is the center of their strategy right now and they expect to see more growth in video. Grove believes that Google+ “could do for live video, what YouTube did for recorded video.”

VIA: ars technica

  • maysider

    g+ is very messed app missing obvious features
    all the g+ product managers should be replaced

    like the maps team

  • Marc_Razia

    This doesn’t seem like news to me. Google said from the beginning that G+ will be the “spine” of all their products and that it will be merging most of them.

  • Guest

    well, that’s one way to get me to stop using google services, integrate them into g+

  • James Briano

    As the family “tech expert” I field a lot of calls about Google+. This is a seriously flawed product. They rolled it out long before it was ready for the masses, and as soon as someone starts to get familiar with part of it, Google makes significant changes. The Google team is living in a bubble and needs to get OUT of the San Francisco Bay Area a bit more often. (Disclosure: I’m a big fan of Google and live in San Francisco, so I’m speaking from experience not bias)

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  • LoveACbutYouGuysNeedAnEditor

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