Google implements global recent place searches into mobile services

March 5, 2012

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Never let it be said that Google rests on its laurels, even as the world's largest search company. It's now integrating your recent desktop searches for location-based queries into your Android phone or tablet, assuming that you're logged into Google on the desktop and using the same credentials. So, for example, if you searched "Pike's Perk Coffee" from your Colorado Springs hotel before leaving in the morning, it'll probably pop up in your stock browser if you go there during the day.

There's nothing revolutionary happening here, but Google's position as both the leading search provider and the leading mobile OS publisher makes it possible. This could help you save a considerable amount of time, especially when traveling in an unfamiliar city. The feature is accessible from the home page by tapping the "Recent" icon (which is the same one used for Places).

On a more somber note, this feature is probably made possible by Google's new and far-reaching privacy policy. If you're not a fan and you deleted your browsing and search history prior to the swap-over, don't worry, your searches won't appear there - until you make a few more. Want to avoid having your travel plans scrutinized by Google's servers? Log out of Gmail from your desktop browser before searching.

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  • Benefit of the new privacy policy, I assume? 

  • This is a simple, yet very useful innovation. It’s not
    much, but it will add a new dimension to Google searching. Far too many times
    I have found something from a search and then not being able to find it again
    – this will eliminate that frustration. I hope that this expands beyond Android
    and iPhones.



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