Google Glass comes under scrutiny with movie theater chain

June 10, 2014

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The Alamo Drafthouse movie theater chain has recently been discussing Google Glass. And to get this out right from the beginning -- the decision isn't one that is going to be appreciated by many Glass users. It seems the Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League is worried about potential piracy issues.

League recently made the Glass ban official. On Twitter he mentioned that "Google Glass is officially banned from @drafthouse auditoriums once the lights dim for trailers." Follow up statements from League also touched on how a Glass ban had been under discussion for "over a year." He said they waited to make an official decision until they started seeing Glass in the theater, and "that started happening this month."

We aren't fans of an overall ban on Glass, especially knowing that battery life is not all that great when recording video for extended periods. But on the flip side, it seems League is taking somewhat of a fair stance with the ban. That comes by how he said Glass would not be able to be worn "once the lights dim for trailers." Or in other words, you can still enter the theater with Glass -- it is not a hard ban.

League also touched on how someone wearing Glass with prescription frames would be handled on a case by case basis. There was also some discussion about how "technology may change and this type of device may eventually become widely adopted and even replace traditional glasses."

Basically, at the moment Glass is banned at any Alamo Drafthouse theater (while the movies are playing), but this policy could change down the line.

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  • Connor

    Why would get get prescription GG and not get a normal pair of glasses as back-up? That’s just asking for trouble

    • V-Phuc


      True. My point, exactly. And how about just go enjoy the movie, leaving your Glass and perhaps your smartphone in the car too? =)

      • Connor

        I take my phone into the cinema, because I get the train some of the time, but just remember to turn it off.

  • AFH

    Is it me? Or, do the only solutions people seem to seek in our society any more are ones that control others.

    That this CEO wants to turn away people who have GG and prescriptions shows very short sighted thinking in a socially unhealthy vein. Another solution he might have come up with could have been little paper blinders that GG users could be asked to affix over the camera during the movie. Throw a little branding on there and you have a winner coming and going.

    On another note, I think that GG users should probably think about using conspicuous camera blinders as a rule for polite behavior. Bight florescent colored rubber bits that cover the camera when not in use would make both coworkers and movie theater owners alike far more comfortable with GG users in general.

  • Austin Murphy

    GG is also been ban by Regal Cinemas.