Google Fiber hiring in New york

April 15, 2014

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Google may be ready to take on the biggest domestic market, if a new job listing is any indication. A job posting on Google’s website notes Fiber is looking for a Regional Sales Manager for New York. It's their first Fiber position in the New York office, and has many excited the service may come to New York City.

The listing notes the person “will manage multiple teams that evangelize Google Fiber services to MDU (multi-dwelling apartments and condos) and large SMB owners.” This would mark Google’s furthest expansion in the Northeast for Fiber, and make a big splash in a city that is desperate to see someone care about their internet speed. Time Warner Cable has dragged their heels about a proposed update to the network there, causing many residents to be upset.

Not long ago, Google announced a rollout of Fiber to additional markets across the US. Though an impressive and ambitious project, no major metropolitan area was listed. New York would clearly be the biggest city to get Fiber, and could have a better reach throughout the boroughs.

The price points Google has for Fiber would also be wildly attractive to NYC residents, with a free option (after an installation fee) being the easiest sell. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t announced New York as being part of another Fiber rollout, and there is no timeframe listed for the position to be filled. We also have no indication of what the “region” would be, but Fiber in the Northeast is new.

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  • seancaldwell

    That would be great news for anyone living in NYC and would be the first time they’ve gone up against FiOS or another fiber operator. Competition is always a good thing for consumers. Bring on Gigabit connections! It would also be nice to see them give Comcast / Time Warner a bit more competition.

    My office currently has FiOS 150/65 service in Florida and we’ve been very pleased. Would I like even more speed for less money…sure.