After we saw a few random tweets suggesting this update was coming, today Google has just issued a rather large update to their popular Google Drive application for both Android and iOS. The change-log is rather long and Google’s added an entire host of new features to the cloud storage and document service. Lets take a peek.

The update actually brought a host of about 10 new features but some are smaller than others. Among the important ones are full folder integration. You can now create, edit, and even comment on folders. Then they have presentation slide viewing. Then they’ve added multiple filters for sorting through files, documents, folders and other options.

The presentation feature has a lot of improvements. You can now swipe between slides and have much more control than before, which should make many users extremely happy. Google now allows for users to view tables in Google Drive. Here’s a quick video.

Tablet support has been improved as well as the option for truly fullscreen mode on all devices — something I’ve been waiting for myself for quite awhile. Last but certainly not least Google is looking to get us excited by teasing real native editing app wide and the upcoming update that should add real-time collaboration between employees or team members for a given document or presentation. Hit the Play Store link below for the all new app.

Google Drive link

[via Google]

  • Please just let me play mp3s from my damn google drive app

    • Jarryd

      Why not just use play music, it does that. Sure you need to have them physically on a computer to keep them in play music, but wouldn’t you prefer to keep them backed up anyway?

  • chadw

    It’s 2012 and “Create new folder” is the pinnacle of technology? Also “Create new… Take a photo” is an awful clumsy menu item. We used to make fun of Microsoft for this stuff in 1995 but they were rubbing two sticks together to make it for us. Google’s world reinvention had better pick up pace or I’ll be long dead before they get “rename folder” working.

  • Seth

    How about a Linux version of Drive? It would be nice if Google, whose infrastructure and Andriod OS are built on Linux, would give back to the open source community by releasing Google Drive for Linux. This is not to say that Google has not given much back but Drive is seriously cool and its painful absence on Linux is quite ironic.

  • Does this update have auto captalize option for sentences ?