Google Drive details leak: launching next week with 5GB free

April 16, 2012

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Rumors have been circulating for a while now regarding Google's plans for a cloud storage option. What will be known as Google Drive has finally been detailed again today and sources can almost confirm it will indeed launch next week, be available on Android and multiple other platforms, and users will get 5GB for free out of the gate. More details after the break.

According to The Next Web Google will be announcing the Drive service shortly and it will be available next week on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. We are hearing possibly next Tuesday, although that still seems to be unconfirmed. Now we still don't know exactly how they plan to implement Google Drive (where's the Play part,) but users will get 5GB for free and can pay to add more. This trumps the current leader, Dropbox and their 2GB free -- although Dropbox has partnered with HTC and gives those users an additional 25GB for free.

While many users currently already have and love Dropbox Google will surely use their leverage of Android, Gmail, and other Google services to their advantage here. Users wont have to sign up for an additional service as they can just add Drive onto their current Google accounts. While we wait for an official announcement and details from Google feel free to let us know what you think. Will you swap out Dropbox for Google Drive, or use both for even more cloud storage?

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  • I currently use and dropbox, and will be using Google Drive as well. Yay free storage.

    •  Yap

    • banjoonmyknee

      Me too.   Like a lot of things, it’s not really an either/or proposition. is great for doing Kindle Fire side loads since it’s the only one of the three that has a fully supported Kindle Fire client.  Dropbox is great for general sharing among family members because of its availability anywhere (phones, laptops, tablets).   Google Drive is likely to a file store for sideloading apps to my phone and quick sharing to other Googleites.

  • Jivester

    I have been waiting for this for years! So glad they are finally going to offer it. As soon as they do, I will completely be cloud backed up. Their additional data storage prices are hard to beat. So long dropbox and you were great for projects but not as a synchronized cloud storage solution!

  • Eric Grimes

    Bye Bye Dropbox and Box, nice knowing you….
    and hello Google Drive

  • Zachary Morris

    Will it replace Docs?

    • Probably an integration. Sync all your documents, and then certain types can be edited online in Docs.

  • Forruslan

    catch up with Apple’s usability?

    • saTan

      Piss off, fan boy.

    • Owen James

      Interesting P.O.V. Even though Most of Apple’s recent updates to their software (Apart from Siri of course) are all rip-offs, sorry, ‘catch-ups’ on Androids usability. If you want to be an ignorant fan-boy, feel free. If you want to be educated in an honest comparison between ‘Andy’ and iOS, look here

      You’re welcome 😉

  • Azaraith

    Yay, more free storage!  Dropbox will be staying, but I’m adding this too.

  • nshahzad

    I’m sticking with Dropbox; great company

  • Chad Cooper

    Google needs to just buy Dropbox. It is by far the best cloud storage I have seen out there

    • All Google needs is a bit of software to sync between your device and existing gdocs storage. It’s a lot easier to build that piece of synchronization software than it is to do what they’ve already done (super amazing and reliable online service with storage that is part of all your other Google services and has the ability to edit certain types of documents online).

      The only reason they would buy Drop Box is for the user base or the employee’s skills. They don’t need the “service” that Drop Box has developed. I don’t think they need the employees either. So buy Drop Box for just the users? Google Docs probably has more users already, and many of us (such as myself) already purchase extra storage and have just been waiting for a syncing service to be implemented before I entirely abandon Drop Box. On the note of purchasing extra space, Google is very significantly cheaper than Drop Box, and they recently dropped their prices for extra storage even further.

      • Craig Rathbone

        80 gig for $20 is freaking amazing.
        It’ll be nice to be able to connect to it via webdav or whatnot!

  • Kevin

    I will move if Google Drive has an amazing PC program like Dropbox does. I love the simplicity of it; it just adds a new folder to your computer, and anything in there is insta-synced with your Dropbox. I want something JUST LIKE THAT, but from Google. Otherwise, I’ll stick with Dropbox.

  • Connie Northrop

    I will probably use both. I may split uses, we’ll just have to see how it goes. :0)

  • Dropbox is so integrated with everything i do, I can’t imagine using anything else. Unless GDrive is something spectacular, I don’t know why I would use it.

  • Most expected launch of the year after the new iPad. Will this new cloud service beat the present cloud services such as Dropbox, iCloud, Sugersync? I have posted an answer to the related question here:

  • Vinnyutd689

    i pay yearly for extra 20gb of google storage will this new google drive be apart of that? so i will get 25gb of storage or will they be seperate?

    • Sammy Harris

      That’s what I want to know. I have the 80GB package.

  • winch103

    Now I understand why dropbox doubled its referral rewards to 500MB per referee !

    BTW for those who still don’t know the Ref’Around project (I’ve referred already 16 times for dropbox in less than 2 weeks) check this link : 

    It looks quite recent (still in beta) but I’m already lovin’ it!!

  • winch103

    Now I understand why dropbox doubled its referral rewards to 500MB per referee !

    BTW for those who still don’t know the Ref’Around project (I’ve referred already 16 times for dropbox in less than 2 weeks) check this link : 

    It looks quite recent (still in beta) but I’m already lovin’ it!!

  • Pssst, Box gives 50GB free to Android users :p

  • My Great-Great grandmothers’ adopted step-son’s sister’s friend of a friend who knows my dog’s best buddy who went to dog training here in town makes -$73.99 a minute online! Dude! Don’t sign up now…. . . . . . .  MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA pSSH 😛

  • JD99

    I still think Dropbox will win out and hers why: