Google Docs for Mobile Now Lets You Share On The Go

July 7, 2011

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The mobile version of Google Docs has been updated with new features and some visual improvements. With many new features like sharing on the go, or being able to sort documents things are pretty solid on Google Docs right about now. They explain it as being able to sort, narrow, and share all your documents right from your list. Pretty neat huh?

To get started is simple, just go to right in the browser of your device. Press sort to organize the list of docs visible in the mobile browser, or press narrow by to specify the list of docs you’d like to see, just like the picture above shows.

These features have already been implemented and are live right now so you can start sharing right away. Sharing is a core feature that I've been waiting to see come to the mobile front and now it is here I must admit it works great and sure is convenient. If you have any suggestions or issues you can head to the support forums.

[via Google Blog]

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  • Anonymous

    Aww man! I thought it was the Android app that was updated. 🙁
    I really just want the ability to download a file.

  • Henrycrinkle88

    @ MrDrumngun Yep agree this is the reason i have dropbox installed on my android because for some unknown reason google still cant let me download a simple pdf file!

    Also has issues with docx and pdf files over a certain size