Google details everything new that arrived with Android 4.2

February 20, 2013

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Google has recently updated their Jelly Bean page. This is the page that talks about Android 4.2 as a whole, however this update has added details on everything that has arrived new since Android 4.1. Needless to say, this page takes away the guessing and just breaks it all down. To begin with, Google describes 4.2 as bringing the speed and simplicity of Android 4.1 with new features to includes Photo Sphere, a redesigned camera app, new Gesture Typing keyboard, Google Now (with new cards) and more.

Aside from the intro style information at the top of the page, Google breaks things down by category. These begin with accessibility and run through alphabetically with Android Beam, Camera, Clock, Keyboard, Lockscreen, Notifications, System and Voice Typing concluding with Widgets. Of course, those are just a few of the categories included in this list. Google also offers a complete break down of Google Apps, Google Play, Google Search and Google Now including which cards are new.

For example, the Google Now cards that have arrived since 4.2 include hotel, restaurant reservation, event, package, next appointment, movies, concerts, stocks, public alerts, developing stories and breaking news, nearby attractions, nearby photo spots and time at home. Some of these changes will likely sound familiar as they were bigger and more discussed. Take the camera for example, many are likely aware the app had been redesigned and that it arrived with Photo Sphere and a new photo editor. But on the flip side, this list details changes such as how you can now triple tap to enter a full screen magnification mode when you enable the magnification gestures.

Another new and maybe not as often talked about change comes with the graphics. Specifically, 4.2 added full HDMI mirroring to include notifications and multi-display support. Android 4.2 also added support for group messaging via MMS as well as the ability to use the phone app while in landscape or while in a car dock. On the tablet front, Android 4.2 added a new 10-inch tablet UI that lets you quickly access your favorite apps from any homescreen and gives improved access to your notifications. Bottom line here, if you are lucky enough to be using a device with Android 4.2 -- you will likely want to bookmark this page and spend some time reading in detail.

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  • JoeMomma

    It would be nice if the article contained a link to Google’s jelly bean page. This is the internet, after all.

  • Dave Cross

    What’s the point of a story like this that doesn’t include a link to the page that you’re talking about? Are you really so desperate to keep people reading your ads?

  • Kevin Liske

    I had to hunt on the page to find the linky…