If you’re like us, you quickly snatched up a new Google Chromecast dongle for $35 yesterday. Hopefully before they all sold out, and it’s likely on the way to your doorstep. If you’re wondering just how easy setting up everything will be, Google’s released a companion app for Chromecast that should make it even easier.

Last night they released an official Chromecast app to the Play Store, which as far as we know isn’t required to enjoy the device, but for naming TV’s and rooms, and settings up additional options it might come in handy. The Chromecast app will aid users in connecting to their home networks, and much more.

Looking at a few pictures available, the overall layout and app is extremely simple. Aside from the ugly icon the app is well designed, shows what devices are connected and ready to cast, and which ones still need to be configured if you haven’t got that far. And below it also shows all your capable apps. Hopefully that list grows quite quickly thanks to developer support.


Basically you should be able to download this, input all your network information and WiFi passwords, set up your TV’s in the household and call it a day. You shouldn’t need it much after that, since all the casting is done easily from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you’re still waiting for your cast to arrive, you can get this now and play around in anticipation, then give it a go once your shiny new dongle arrives. My Chromecast just arrived from Amazon, thank you Prime shipping.

VIA: Play Store

  • Mike Grønbæk Madsen

    Would there be any way to sideload it?

    • sideload the app?

      • Mike Grønbæk Madsen

        To get an apk file. Those I´ve found have not been working. I live in Denmark so I can not install the danm thing through Google Play… And I will receive the device in a week or so.

        Edit: Never mind got it to work

  • Derek LaVone

    You got yours already from Amazon but the ones from the play store wont ship for 3-4 weeks? WTF…