Google Camera update lets Android Wear call the shots

July 9, 2014

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Google is starting to pull in Android Wear integration into its set of Android apps. First to get that smartwatch treatment is Google Camera which now lets a paired Android Wear smartwatch control the camera shutter and all other kinds of remote functionality you might need to take a clandestine shot.

OK, so maybe you won't exactly use this new feature to take photos without looking like you're taking a photo. The remote shutter function will let you set up your phone at a distance, probably to cover more ground or people, and then take that shot, without tripping over yourself and others in an attempt to beat the camera's timer.

And speaking of timers, you can also set up Google Camera's timer, which was just a recently added feature, using Android Wear as well. And you can also preview the recent shot that was taken from within that minuscule smartwatch screen, just to make sure you don't need to redo the shot.

As with Google apps updates, these new features will be rolling out to Google Camera users in staged rollouts. Considering there are relatively few Android Wear users out in the wild at the moment, this doesn't seem like something that needs to be rushed out. At least, not yet. But in case you do already have a smartwatch on your wrist and haven't received the update yet, you can hit the download below for the APK.

Download: Google Camera (Google Play Store) (APK)

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