Google Calendar updated with custom colors and UI tweaks

May 29, 2013

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Today the folks from Google are on a roll in the updates department. This entire week actually, with updates to Gmail, Google Music, Chrome beta and stable, and now Google Calendar. We're getting some much needed features today that should help all those busy folks clean up their calendar and more. Read on for the changelog and additional details.

The entire Google Calendar is for the most part the same, but many different aspects now have a completely new UI during certain steps in adding new tasks with dates or times. The changes are pretty minor, but also pretty spiffy and a nice change of pace compared to the previous version. The important stuff here though is the new customizable colors.

There's a pleasing new UI where you can select and completely customize the colors for adding new appointments to the calendar, which we've been wanting on mobile for some time. Now with Android phones and tablets you can simple choose from any of the above, as you can see from their image.

It certainly isn't anything major, but should seriously improve the overall experience of Google Calendar. Not to mention give us an idea on what to expect from future updates on other Google apps. I'm personally liking the new event repeat option, as that's something I use often. All the details and more can be found at the Official Google Blog.

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  • digi_owl

    The thing they finally added that i have been waiting for is custom periodical events.

    Earlier you could only do daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Now you have a very powerful tool for picking exactly the pattern of repetition you want.

  • tbittan

    Not only can I not see these Google updates, when I uninstalled and then updated, I just got the old version again, but the widgets no longer work.

    • Scott

      Same exact problem, except I never use widgets.