Google applies for location-based security patent for mobile devices

August 22, 2013

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Lately there has been a lot of talk and discussion regarding mobile security, and privacy for that matter, and it looks like Google has a few tricks up their sleeve. New details provided by Engadget shows that Google recently filed for a patent that will allow for location-based security for mobile devices and our smartphones. This sure would make some businesses happy.

The patent is pretty self explanatory based on the title, but there's more to it than that once you dig into the actual filing by Google. Essentially what you have is a far more secure device, all based on the users location, instead of just the usual slide-to-unlock system, etc.

Imagine your device having no unlock method needed while you're at home, because you are sitting on the couch and don't need to enter a pin every time you use it. However, leave the house and the device gets a bit more secure. Or even work phones (even if most are switching to BYOD) phones could essentially lock-down and be ultra secure once the device leaves the work environment.

Devices like the HTC One Max and new iPhone reportedly have fingerprint scanners, and even the Moto X has an accessory to bypass the unlock screen should you choose. Google's looking to fool all those by simply altering the level of security based on location. I like it, and hopefully this branches down into all Android devices.


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  • likemystory

    A combination of 2 apps & a few setting tweeks and this is already possible, Unlock With wifi & widget locker a few settings later & it works just fine based on what wifi network your connected to.

    • There’s an app for that… will always be saying. Having it stock on all Androids out of the box, is a much better thought.

      • likemystory

        Something similar is nice on stock I agree. As long as it doesn’t require having gps running 24/7, it would be good as battery drain is always an issue on high end devices especially and anything to minimise that is always a first thought.

      • You make a great point. So much of Google’s awesome things (Like Google Now) all suck battery way too much with GPS. This will be no different. Ingress literally will drain your battery in hours.

        It’s odd.

      • likemystory

        Now if it was plugged into the wifi radio, now that’s definitely worth doing, add tasker so it switches gps on & wifi off when it disconnects and when you hit a specified loc it switches wifi on & gps off. That’s most definitely worth a consideration. I never run gps unless I absolutely need to, Google now will use wifi loc if you allow it too, it definitely helps with battery longevity.

  • shaun firtell

    I have my Optimus G setup to wake simply by tapping the screen from six pm to seven am, I could use NFC to turn out on and off instead of the time period, is a feature on my AOPK ROM.

  • Mark

    This isn’t news. Geofencing has been arounf for a while now.

  • Ben Ayed

    Secure Access Technologies has 10 patents granted in this area, and product on the market.