I know we have all had a little Google+ overload over the last few days or hours but don’t you all love it? You must admit its at least a little fresh and new with all those circles, not to mention the Hangout video chat works amazingly well and smooth. Last night Google updated the Google+ Android App and I must say that if the updates keep coming that fast we should be rocking by next week.

Google added a few minor UI tweaks and enhancements to polish things up, but also added multiple Gmail account support to the list. They even updated the main screen in-app to show a spiffy new icon with a picture for your profile as seen in the shot above. It’s the little things and I think it will get better and better really fast.

In case for some odd reason you’ve yet to download Google+ for Android you can get it in the market by clicking here. Feel free to also read over our Google+ hands-on post, or the invite trick that works great. So are you guys all throwing out the #FF posts on Twitter this morning? Or are you busy adding new Circles like myself?

  • Could someone be a kind soul and send me an invite so I can use all these services/apps please?

    I’m dying here!
    impheatus at gmail

  • Dscottyoder
  • Anonymous

    mulitple account feature only appears to function at first sign-in! Unlike Gmail, where you can switch from one account to another very simply. Surely this is the intention with G+?

    • Very annoying limitation!
      Switching from one gmail account to another can be done by clearing data for Google+ app in Android settings.
      Does not work for everybody though (not for me especially).