Google has been working hard to bring their services together, and the unification is starting to show. From design aesthetics to cross-functionality, the Google ecosystem is starting to take shape. One place that has been left to languish a bit, historically, has been YouTube. A juggernaut in its own right, Google wisely proceeded with caution when making changes to the popular video service.

As Google pushes for Google+ to continue to be the “tie that binds”, the comments section of YouTube has started to support Google+, and/or vice versa. Comments made to YouTube also show as Google+ comments, and can be limited to circles in the same way. The difference is, any public comment made will show as a Google+ post and YouTube comment.

The update also shows comments on the YouTube app, blurring the lines between mobile and desktop just as Google is doing between services that were once disparate. Any comment made to a video will also bring the video to your Google+ stream, as a post. this is great for YouTube content creators, as it gives them a much broader audience. Commenters may want to proceed with caution.

We’ve all known for some time that YouTube comments can be, well, lacking in tact. This update, while a cool way to bring services together, can also bring unwanted attention. Dan McDermott found that out when he posted a pretty innocuous comment to a YouTube video, and was met with the typical YouTube scorn. His comment was made publicly, and posted to his Google+ stream simultaneously. Friends on Google+ were confused as to where the negative attention stemmed from, and YouTubers were quick to announce their distaste of his support for the new comments system.

YouTube Google+ comments

While not necessarily a widespread problem, it’s important to keep the changes in mind when you’re sharing or commenting, as those are now two similar — but still different — things. Your audience on Google+ may not be the same as YouTube, and knowing the difference may just save you a lot of headaches moving forward.

  • Olly

    Once again Google attempting to sprinkle ‘social network flakes’ over our big tasty user-generated content platform and shove it down our throats.

    • Marc_Razia

      Google has only been telling us now for the past two years that they are socializing their entire suite of services. And in other news the grass is green.

      • Last Note

        If someone warns you that they plan to punch you in the face as soon as two years have passed, does that mean you shouldn’t complain when the punch finally happens?

  • Christine Dumais

    The worst decision Youtube has ever made was to sell their hard work to Google. Well you see what shit we got from it… We have another fucking social network instead of a video-sharing website.
    R.I.P Youtube 2005-2013

    • Danny

      How is Youtube dead? By tomorrow, you’ll be looking at random cat videos.

      • Christine Dumais

        There are other streaming websites. I might be watching cat videos but it certainly won’t be on youtube. Already went back to my old dailymotion account.

      • evenmaddermax

        LOL, cool story bro

      • FullySecular

        What is was is dead.. We’re now forced to sit through ads, use our names, use social networking and only reply to some comments (I still don’t get it?)

        But who am I to stand in the way of change… I suppose I’ll just have to live with advertising infiltrating every aspect of my life from TV to internet, from on cabs and trains to in the magazines, to in my mailbox and radio.


    • Marc_Razia

      There’s actually a lot of behind the scenes stuff that made Youtube a lot better. Google’s resources for one permitted the site to grow substantially bigger than most companies would be able to afford. But even more importantly, Google has advanced the streaming technology immensely. There is a reason why with even an average connection Youtube video load pretty seamlessly. Meanwhile on sites like Vimeo with any connection you often spend half your time just waiting for the videos to buffer.

      • Christine Dumais

        Never happened to me on dailymotion that’s for sure.

  • T.J.

    Hopefully it’ll hold people accountable for their ridiculous, sometimes racist comments.

    • Lilly

      Doubtful. People use their real names on Facebook and they’re still racist, homophobic dicks. It’s pretty obvious this is just a ploy to get people to join their failed Google+ product.

      • T.J.

        It’s not forcing you to put in any of your information or add friends or post. It makes it easy for those of us that do use Google+.

      • Christine Dumais

        You mean, what 0.0001% of the population of Earth? Well good for you.

      • T.J.


      • Marc_Razia

        I’m not sure that’s accurate. There are now over 100 celebrities with more than a million followers each on G+…and numerous special interest communities with 100,000+ members sharing and posting. Its no where near FB numbers yet or anything like that, but clearly a lot of people are using it.

      • dull

        Which compared to youtube is a meaningless trifle.
        So lets fuck over hundreds of millions for the few hundred thousands that use Google+!
        How SMART.

      • Christine Dumais

        You do know big companies pays celebrities to do a lot of thing on the internet right? I mean it’s supposed to be common knowledge.

      • Marc_Razia

        Do they pay the millions of people who are circling them? It was those people who are clearly the point of the comment.

      • Last Note

        “Celebrities”? So, you monitor what celebrities do, then act accordingly? My god, I feel sorry for you.

      • Marc_Razia

        Thanks for the drive by ad hominem but that’s clearly not what was implied. If that’s all you understood than you missed the point entirely. The numbers I listed are avialable to any objective person who wants to verify them.

      • Lilly

        That just supports my argument. If people are being offensive while using their real names, photos, etc, how is NOT having to use your real name and info supposed to deter users from doing that? It will be as it always was, except, now, they have unlimited characters, links, and ASCII to work with.You can already see the antisemitism, whole book chapters and ASCII penises cropping up all over the comments.

      • nick

        Google+ is not a product. Google+ is Google’s set of social interaction services across all Google products.

      • Life

        Yes! Google+™ is the greatest social interaction service Google™ has ever invented! I’ve had my Google™ YouTube™ account connected to my Google+™ since the amazing innovation was created by Google™!

      • Fidelator

        No, I can’t be racist and homophobic in Facebook, I can in YouTube but it’s ridiculous having to tick off the share to G±

      • Christian

        Funny how you use the word homophobic, cause I rarely see people who put down homosexuality because they are afraid of homosexuals. That word is so overused. Either someone is being hateful against homosexuals or they are putting it down because according to their religious beliefs like Christianity (like me), they know that it is sin. “Homophobic” oftenly gets used cause people who support homosexuality don’t have a good enough argument to support their lifestyle so they just say people are “afraid” of them, what a joke.

      • Lilly

        What does that have to do with anything? Do you scour the internet for posts mentioning homosexuality, just so you can spout Christian rhetoric? But, okay, I’ll bite…

        The common usage of “-phobia” is not the same as the clinical usage. In chemistry, for example, “hydrophobic” simply means, water repelling. That said, hatred of a particular sexual orientation does have roots in heterophobia and xenophobia.

        As for not having “a good enough argument to support their lifestyle”, I don’t see why anyone should have to justify having a consensual romantic relationship with someone they’re attracted to. It seems more rational, to me, than blindly following some figure, real or imagined.

        Funnily enough, Youtube’s new commenting system has a feature that allows you to prevent others from replying. Had I the option to do that to my comment, I could have avoided having this seemingly useless “debate”, but then, I would have never had the opportunity to challenge someone else’s opinion, or even my own. I think it’s worth enduring a few trolls for that.

      • Christian

        So now you’re gonna try to make your opinion more superior by calling me a troll, even though I go to this a site for Android news almost every day and am a fan and daily user of the Android platform on my Nexus 7. Just because I answer your comment about something about homosexuality “I’m scouring the internet”? Very immature. Troll is another overused word that has been made to mean something it doesn’t. You said, “hatred of a particular sexual orientation does have roots in heterophobia.” What? What the heck does that mean!? Where is your “source” (not very respectable I gather) for that one? As for your other comment, homosexuals do have to justify their “romantic relationship” when they are faced with people witnessing to them and telling them that it is a sin, and when science disproves their sexual relationship as well. You are also wrong on two other points: 1. It is not more rational to just follow your feelings than follow the word of some figure, which I guess you are referring to Jesus. If the world’s laws were made that way we would have anarchy and people not getting convicted of crimes because it felt good and rational to them. The laws of America are founded on the morals of the Bible and for good reason. I guess someone could kill you and say that they felt it was rational TO THEM to do it and you would be okay with that? The issue is one of what is absolute truth. Your truth and rationality may differ from someone else’s. 2. You mention “blindly” following the word of some figure. Christians dont blindly follow Jesus. We have evidence and proof for God and that Jesus is God and Savior of mankind. We have the evidence in the universe, God’s creation, the consistency of the laws of science, matter, and energy, the intricacy of humans and other living beings, the Bible, the prophecies of Jesus and of world events, the most manuscripts of the Bible than any other book, historical extra-biblical accounts of Jesus and the events of the Bible, archaeological evidence of the cities and figures that are mentioned in the Bible… I kindly advise you to do some research into Christianity and the person of Jesus, and you will find that no other religion or scientific theory can explain our existence better or as complete as Christianity. I hope that you will discover the truth and as a Christian, I am commanded and shown why in the Bible I am to care about and love all people who are made in the image of God, that is why I witness about Jesus the way I do, because I care about you and that you may know the truth.

      • Lilly

        I was referring to the trolls that frequent Youtube, not you (though you did post something completely off-topic). It was a failed attempt at trying to steer the conversion back onto the Youtube comments overhaul.

        And, no, I will not waste my time providing sources for common knowledge to some internet stranger. This is not an academic debate and I have zero interest in continuing a discussion with someone so ignorant that they think science “disproves” gay sexual relationships (love to hear the story behind that). If you’re so interested in the topic, look up the articles yourself on *shudder* Google Scholar, instead of on biased church group websites, which is where you seem to be getting all your scientific info.

        Thanks for caring about me, but sorry mate, you’ll not be converting me. Morality is simply about not harming other beings. I don’t need a outdated book to tell me that, especially not one that inhibits critical thought.

      • Christian

        Common knowledge? Still no source? Yeah definitely a cop-out. Anyway, science disproves homosexual relationships by the sexual parts we have and where they go in the person of the opposite sex’s body, simple as that. If you don’t realize that I advise you to go look at a diagram of the human body. And I didn’t get any of my info from any church group website. I dont even have one church that I’ve been going to now after I moved. The info I stated can be found in the Bible and in secular not Christian sources such as historical documents like Josephus which prove the existence of Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls which is common knowledge that even Google has made online exhibits from. Lastly, once again you don’t seem to realize that your idea of morality is different from other people’s. What could be harming others to you is not considered harming others by someone else, therefore we do need a standard, which is the Bible (that was used in schools in America since it promotes critical thought, maybe you could read the book of Proverbs or Ecclesiastes), to lead us. God bless.

      • L.W.

        1. Why should I find the articles? It’s not my responsibility to educate you.

        2. Is that what you consider science? Well, alright then…your logic can be easily challenged. For example, a penis fits into anuses and mouths perfectly well, and there’s this thing called a prostate gland that gives men the most intense orgasms. You know where it is? Up your bum. As for women, it’s well known fact that orgasm is most easily reached by clitoral stimulation, not vaginal. In fact, a large number of women consider the vagina to be a dead canal. Lastly, how does *your* science account for hermaphrodites, hmm?

        3. I’m aware that Jesus was a real person, but where’s the proof that he could do magic tricks? And all the other stuff in the Bible, like Noah’s Ark, etc? Many are and have been easily disproven.

        4. The magnitude of harm done is subjective; whether or not harm was done is not. Of course, it would be utterly ridiculous to try to live without harming a single creature (it’s impossible) but what is considered an okay level of harm should not be decided by any book, as rules decided in the past do not always adapt well through time.

        5. Claiming the Bible promotes critical thought is laughable. For that to be true, there would have to be actual criticism of it by the people who follow it.

      • Grant Watt


      • Grant Watt

        Only a homophile would use the word homophobic.

      • L.W.

        Well, you just used that word. I’m assuming you’re a bum chum, then?

    • TJ is fucking bitchass jew

      I bet you are a fucking jew.

    • googlesucksafatone

      you really have literally no backbone

      • T.J.

        I literally wouldn’t be able to type if I really didn’t literally have a backbone.

  • Abby

    How do i reply to comments O_O

  • kay

    Hate hate hate this. Why on earth would i want to have to go to another website to look at my comments how about if i want my videos on another website ILL PUT THEM THERE MYSELF!!!! I think we can handle that. Stop pushing your crap down our throats. Leave it be
    We enjoyed it better well at least i and everyone i knew did. This isnt user friendly at all and some choice in the matter would have been nice. Id like to know why this is a good idea? Making us use basiaclly facebook rip off AND youtube to look at YOUTUBE comments? Thats my biggest issue. I dont want to have to go to google plus for my yt comments. Let us go to youtube for youtube comments. Geeze.

  • nick n

    Google, normally really good at predicting behavior and need, has blown it all the way around with management of YouTube. I want my old channel back, my old wall paper, and NO freaking cross connection with G+. I like both. I used to be so much more active on my YouTube channel until they started all this. I really disliked it when they made us consolidate passwords, but wasting my wall paper was that event horizon with me. FU google…and for God’s sake, start supporting the YouTube app !

    YouTube is YouTube. G+ is G+. Let it be…
    …old people, running companies, that just don’t get it.

    • evenmaddermax

      “…old people, running companies, that just don’t get it.” If you’re a young dude, you should be better at keeping up with the times. Google bought YouTube ages ago. You should have seen this coming way back then. It’s not like YouTube comments were modern or anything. That hot mess was stuck in pre-2010 era. Try to keep up bro.

      • Affinity4Music

        There is always some overly opinionated moron like you, you knew what he meant

      • evenmaddermax

        Yes, and there’s always some town criers whenever a website wants to change something. This reminds me of when Facebook came up with Timeline. The people crying about Youtube were probably the same people crying about that too.

      • fuckyourmothermaxx

        Even thou, retarded morons like you are the reason I used to love you tube , I really hate your faggot ass.

      • evenmaddermax

        Yes, let the hate flow through you

    • kk

      If you’re saying “Old People running companies” is the problem you’re sorely wrong. Do you honestly believe old people would be so open to change? No, this is the influence of young imbeciles with no life experience coming in pretending they know shit.

      Google was so good at predicting behavior and needs because before they HAD old people running it. Now they’re just “Out with the old, in with the new! Who gives a fuck if it was amazing it wasn’t NEW by the NEW KIDS like ME!”, the same has happened to every other company.

  • Adrian

    Jesus H Christ Google, you FUCKING MORONS changed shit so much, I can’t even comment on videos anymore! It says I need a account BUT I AM LOGGED THE FUCK IN, And the Google account recovery process is so ASININE that I CANNOT DO IT. FUCK YOU!

  • Michelle :]

    i hate my life now. youtube used to be so easy & they’ve completley changed it. i am so angry. HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO SEE WHO RESPONDS TO ONE OF MY COMMENTS OR SENDS ME A MESSAGE NOW? GODDAMN IT

  • DwellsInFire

    (1) Can’t reply to most comments on youtube anymore. Only a few random comments still have a reply button which makes no sense at all. (2) Warning message says future messages to my inbox will not appear in my inbox but will go to Google+ (3) I’m now seeing totally worthless comments in videos now that have no content other than telling the world that some youtuber has “shared this video on Google+”. Why the f**k do I care?

    The mind-numbing stupidity behind companies like Google (and Facebook, Microsoft, Photobucket, etc) is something I will never understand. They are on a mission to make their products more bloated, complicated, bug-ridden, stupid, and a pain in the ass to use. There’s no brainpower left in this world.

  • Fuck google

    Good job google you imbecilic fuck wits, You are successfully killing the largest video sharing website in the world to FORCE your shitty social networking site that no one wants to use, what is their plan, claim to be the largest social networking site because they forced people to sign up to use youtube? Fuck google fucking morons.

    • evenmaddermax

      You could always just watch the videos and not comment ya’ know. I’m sure your commentary will be missed though.

      • chris

        yeah but there was something there people liked. its like closing the Grand Canyon to the public…”well just go somewhere else” says evenmaddermax.

      • JJ07XD

        Gosh, I couldn’t have said it better! People who comment like that are so ******.

      • evenmaddermax

        Not at all, the videos are the main content there. Changes the comments is just renovating the gift shop. You’ll still go there. The people that are the loudest about “I’m leaving and never coming back” always do come back.

      • 420blzeit

        The funny thing is it will be missed and activity on youtube will likely decline. When we’re all old we’ll look back to the golden age of youtube when trolls ran wild and you could win an argument by calling someone a faggot or a nigger and all without any consequences.

      • Christian

        The good thing was anyone could share their thoughts, the bad thing was people cursing and saying sexually explicit things to people, that if they said to someone’s face they could get arrested.

      • dull

        You can’t get arrested for cursing you moron, nor for saying sexually explicit things- that’s the whole thing about free speech. You can do it FREELY.
        The only time you’ll have any consequence is if a woman takes your saying “sexually explicit” things to be a sexual assault, no other times.
        People DON’T say it in real life because in real life- they’d get fucking punched. You can be racist, you can be sexist, you can be whatever you want to be in real life and plenty of people are and no you cannot get arrested for it.

      • googlesucksafatone

        the funny thing is people will get arrested for free speech, its happening now already like some of the shite that happens on twitter and the news, just a matter of time before a complete take over is finished and the goal is to do it slow and progressively, EXACTLY what google has done to youtube over the years.

      • thor

        Shut the fuck up, faggot.

      • googlesucksafatone

        i’m already having nostalgia, shame i already left youtube, not sticking around any longer

  • Ahmad

    fuck google youtube sucks now becuase of you I had enough with your stupid updates it get stupider everytime you updates just get back to what it was the comment section has become total mess no like no replay get it back

  • JW

    At least give us the option to go back to an older layout instead of forcing users to adopt your asinine and irrelevant social networking platform.

  • Affinity4Music

    I can only hope google dies a horrible death, and those alike. First it was the ban of online poker, no pokerstars nor full tip, now this? Uh oh America, I think it’s official, we are not the freest country in the world, it’s all hypocrisy, we need to fight now, because we lost it, it’s time to take it back

  • Affinity4Music

    I just wish ustream what have stayed the same in 2008-2010, I wished youtube stop changing after 2009, wished pokerstars and full tip was still legal, why can’t great shit stay the same, if not broke, try not to fix it. Morons, complete shit heads, youtube was the forefront of the internet, now it’s completely trash, kinda like new school rap

  • Affinity4Music

    I knew this was too good to be true, next we will have to pay for looking at videos on the net, and listening to music, we can’t be human and enjoy things for free on the net with new friends,old friends, or family, we are done, these psychos man

  • lakerman 143

    If it aint’ broke;…..why fix it??

    • gzeena

      You mean, like health care?

      • bryoneill11

        What the hell???

  • insertgeneric90’schatroomname

    Why can people just be mature enough to use own discretion and scroll past or just ignore comments they don’t like. And don’t give me that think about the children nonsense, I remember seeing ‘inappropriate’ material online as a child and into my teen years and hearing curse words in school and used by my parents. It didn’t turn me into some kind of immoral person, and it’s silly to assume someone else would be so changed by text on a computer monitor. |

    I really feel this is a poor desion, part of what made staying on youtube so fun was reading and responding to other comments relevents even if they were trolls or just plain stupidity. It’s amazing that even into the infromation age companies feel the need to dictate their will over the peoples, I feel it would have at least been fair to have some kind of poll or survey and approached the problem of undesired content without essentially censoring the user. And how people could OK with essentially being deprived the right to speak to someone online. Do these corporations recognize how many people set up multiple accounts to comments or spam? The scary thing is they probably don’t.

    I think things like this will end up hurting youtube. Google’s on some kind of power trip essentially trying to force people to use google+ when they should be working on making the platform more interesting to use instead of taking their abilities. As facebook now allows you to interact with other people (which has really worked well for the company which now functions as a big online chatroom rather than a restrictive social media site for friends like it used to be) I can see people using less youtube simply because there is less to do.

    My suggestion to google, our generation aren’t a bunch of quirky hipsters strumming on ukeleles and having conversations with out tablets like their commercials seem to convey we don’t like to be told what to do and in an age where you can just use another platform instead such as vimeo don’t flatter yourself and think you’re an exception, just take a look at what happened to myspace after they started enforcing restrictions.

    • JJ07XD

      I completely agree! I thought I was the only one that thought “Hey, this is about to go downhill…just like MySpace did.” If they don’t change it back, that’s likely to be the result they’re asking for. It’s not too late to change it…I’ll even pretend it never happened.

  • I but bella in the wych elm

    Shows you what kind of age we live in people cry for free speech and look down on China for restricting internet freedom but then are ok with google essentially saying “we don’t care what you have to say, oh, and use more google+”.

  • Nespithe

    Can’t even reply to comments anymore, and I’ve already got a Google+ account.

    • Ciel

      Same here, man.

      • sagat

        Let’s go to Daily Motion en mass

  • sagat

    I can’t comment on my video despite registering with Google+

  • yomama

    It’s amazing how YouTube/Google always manages to exceed themselves. I had no idea that they could make the previous design even shittier than it had already been before. Great job, retards!

  • FeldbergThePlayer

    So I’m having a bit of trouble replying to comments. None of the comments have the ‘reply’ option, except ones from google+ as you can see in the image I attached.

    This is really annoying as I have no desire or need for a Google+ account. Does anyone else have this problem? Also, I’m using a MacBook Pro if that makes any difference…

    • Kiki

      I’m in the same boat. It’s extremely annoying. I don’t want Google+ either. I think I have an acct, but I turned off all the privacy and got rid of all the circles. Now I can’t post on anything.

      • Christian

        Yeah seriously do we have to have a Google+ to comment?, cause I can’t comment on a video now.

      • Jewel Markess

        Yes, but you can create a Google+ page in the same fake name you use on youtube. I hated to do it, still hate the new system and the fact that I can’t reply to any of the old comments, but at least I can reply now, and I don’t use my real name on Google+ (or anywhere on the internet).

      • googlesucksafatone

        just stop using comments don’t give in man, people like you piss me off, you are getting shit down your throat and you are pretty much asking for more… wtf why

    • Oleg

      The whole thing is a complete gong show now, poohgle is full of idiotic I.T personnel who really have too much time on their hands. They have also never heard of the phrase, and this comes from the radio/t.v repair industry, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, in poohgle it must be “If it ain’t broke break it more, then share it on poohgle+”. There may be a way of fixing that problem with the Y.T comments, but any solution is only temporary until the I.T twits screw with again it in six months to a year.

      Again the best solution I think is to walk with your feet, poohgle has devolved into a bloated, oligarchical, corporation, that doesn’t seem to care what it’s customers think, much like General Motors in the 70’s, and 80’s. Unlike General Motors poohgle doesn’t really have a lot of hard assets of any value, nor have they made any lasting contributions to technological progress or the culture. If Poohgle went away today, tomorrow someone would take their place and they would be forgotten within a year.

  • matonking

    At first I was glad with the changes. I thought.. “sweet, I can actually type more than 200odd characters!”. Then I tried to comment and can’t. Every time I go to click on “comment/reply” NOTHING HAPPENS.

    Actually, I take it back: something does happen. YouTube spams me with “DO YOU WANT YOUTUBE TO USE YOUR REAL NAME?” … no YouTube. no I don’t. Otherwise I would of accepted it a year ago. Do you think if you just spam me with that shit over and over I’ll eventually give in?

    The fact that they force you to sync your YouTube and Google+ account is damn right ridiculous. Frankly I’d say it must be illegal. It’s like they can’t be bothered to actually make Google+ appealing so they just cram it down our throats.

    The YouTube comment section is a place I venture to frequently. It’s part of the life and soul of YouTube and to take that away from your users is damn right idiotic.

    • David Morgan-Brown

      The same thing is happening to me, it’s ridiculous. I really wish Google would take their dick out of YouTube’s ass.

      • Felix Ray

        Google P(hal)lus

    • Jewel Markess

      I just gave up and created a new Google+ page, if you choose “no” and then continue, you can create a google+ page under your nickname, and youtube stops harassing you and you’ll be able to comment. I didn’t want to do it either, but had to give up yesterday, but my Google+ page is also under a pseudonim.

      • matonking

        Meanwhile Google sit back and watch their Google+ user number increase from 1 to a Googol.

        All the complaints mean nothing if people just give in.

  • Fidelator

    There’s a good reason why I don’t want to use my real name on YouTube, I don’t f*cking want any of my friends to know what kind of videos I watch and what I comment in those, now I have to tick off the damn “Do you want this to be shared on G+?” Option every damn time I comment, this is so annoying

  • Amos (not my real name)

    Maybe I’m getting too old, but I seem to remember being warned not to share your real name on the internet. Google+, however, really, really wants me to tell everyone exactly who I am.

    I don’t share my real name because I don’t trust the vast majority of internet users. I also don’t trust Google. In fact, the harder they try to get my name, or my phone number, or God knows what else, the less likely I am to give it to them; it doesn’t matter how inconvenient they make the internet without it.

  • Harry Potter

    Youtube is stupid now. I can’t reply, like, or dislike comments. What the heck is this?!

  • I_warned_ya

    Amazed that Google would be so stupid to phase this in when the NSA spying is in the news. Well, Google finally showed its true color- force people to use its G+ social network and lie in the faces of the users by saying it’s to “clean up” YouTube comments. Pathetic.

  • I_warned_ya

    Boycott YouTube

  • shitcommentsystem

    fuck you google+ !!!!!!!!

  • fuck youtube

    Fuck this shit… any other good video kind of websites like youtube?

    • x arcane


  • fuckgoogle+!

    fuck google+, gtfo


    This is unacceptable. If you do not like the food in a restaurant you do not stop everyone else from eating!




      Ya I can’t even see comments anymore unless I sign out of Google. What is Google’s problem? They better get this fixed ASAP.

    • fred

      OK fixed this last night – go to Adblock and uncheck Fanboy’s list…worked for me. Good luck!


    Fuck google fuck google fuck google.
    I can’t comment on half the videos I want to, and the other half get’s posted publicly for everybody to see.
    As well as that, they won’t stop fucking asking me to use my Google+ name for youtube! I DON’T FUCKING WANT TO YOU STUPID ASSCLOWNS!


    I put up with the bs and connected with google+ and the comments STILL wont work for me, I’m so annoyed rn

    • Jewel Markess

      You still cannot reply to old comments even with Google+, only the new comments. So if a particular video doesn’t have any comments made under the new system, you’ll not be able to reply to any. This is one of the most annoying feature of the change, since right you’ll probably only be able to reply to very few comments.

  • Tiago

    i cant leave a comment on youtube videos , anyone know a fix?

    • Conservative Rebel

      You have to surrender to the ever intrusive Google machine it appears. Al Gore and his HACK liberals want to gather every piece of info they can to gain control over our lives.

      • Tiago

        how do i do that? what do i do to let me comment again?

  • Conservative Rebel

    What is with Youtube and Google?? I thought they were different, but now seem to be one in the same. I already DELETED my G+ account so I could never again have to deal with them switching my accounts on Youtube, and they are back at it again! What ever happened to being INCOGNITO on the internet? Google is sharing our info with NSA now I hear. i am about ready to disconnect completely from the internet entirely. The good old days are over.

    • phajthoj

      google bought youtube sometime ago so w/e changes youtube goes into, its all on google and i cant even post a reply in videos too, and i’ve already connected my google+ into my youtube

  • Gobby

    Google has gone corporate screw what the user wants just force change on us, soon we wont be able to leave comment without leaving our name address zip code phone number and photo ID fuck you Google you want more of my personal information then the Federal Government

    • MultiDarkZen

      Bro, don’t give them fucking idea’s!


    I use my google+ email and goole+ name to sign into the youtube app and comment, but can’t. Pissed off.

  • Oleg

    I found out about this two days ago when someone replied to one of my comments on a You Tube video and I couldn’t respond, why? Why can’t you have a comment thread no matter how old it is? In this case the guy replied like four hours before and I still couldn’t respond. I would rather have the character limit back in place, annoying but I could work around it.
    The whole so called issue with trolls is a straw man, there are and were other more effective ways of dealing with problem users other then screwing with the comment section or forcing users to join a social network they have no interest in. Once again the insular IT dummies at Poohgle jumped the shark. They seem to be so obsessed with Facebook that they are trying to convert everything into a Facebook clone. As for not having the usage numbers of F.B, hell that’s easy, we’ll force You Tubers to join our F.B knockoff called Poohgle+.
    Last time I checked Facebook wasn’t operating a video sharing website nor did they have any plans to do so, but I could be wrong of course. What’s more if Facebook makes any money at all it’s through the sheer amount of web traffic it has and the ad space it sells, and they never forced anyone to join that site. Though some lazy and idiotic websites do require you to use a F.B account in order to comment, which I don’t get. I do not belong to Facebook, Myspace, or any similar site, and I do not use Twitter, not because I can’t but because I don’t want to. If I didn’t have any interest in using the real thing why would I be interested in a poohgle knockoff that I am forced to join just because I have a You Tube and now a Poohgle account? As for giving my real name, forget it, not because I like to troll websites but because of identity theft.
    The solution is fairly simple, people need to start voting with their feet, Daily Motion, Live Leak, Pop Modal, are some alternatives to You Tube, where you don’t have to worry about poohgle sharing your info with Comrade Obama’s all seeing NSA, or the copyright police getting their panties in a knot over Dire Straits playing on the radio in the background.

  • WisterV

    seriously fucked, I don’t think they have the users best interests in mind, but the advertisers, and YAWN, business as usual…

  • Mark

    Seriously youtube, you have fucked up again, you are rubbish, every time you update, you make things worse, what is the point of all that millions and you don’t know how create a website properly, what do you get, Chinese students to build your site for you so that you can save money, pathetic.

    I tell you people, theses idiots don’t know their own customers, they have sold out to corporations, just like the other company’s like yahoo and microsoft, even sony is going that way and if it continues to suck like this, people will be going else where.

  • Monty Greene

    Google now sucks

  • Zerqzy

    Thank you Google, I begin to upload on YouTube and now I cannot reply to user’s comments without having your horrible Google Plus service. You have disappointed me greatly,

  • gzeena

    It is possible that google+ and youtube are now state controlled.

  • Mtyuin

    wow this update really gets me pissed why did this happen!!!! its not our fault that shit heads comment stupid things….. but not being able to comment??

  • feduuup

    Outright sucks. Why would you force everyone to use stuff that they don’t want to use. Oh you are taking the Obamacare approach. SHOVE DOWN THEIR THROAT WEATHER THEY WANT IT OR NOT. If it’s not broke THEN DON’T FIX IT. It is ridiculous, did the thought ever cross your mind that not everybody wants to use google+ trash. Let us have it how we want it, SIMPLE!!!! We want to watch videos and leave comments in a very simple manner. People can not make heads or tails of this trash please put it back so we can.

  • Rodrigo_Girao

    If I hadn’t just bought an Android handheld, I might just delete my whole Google identity altogether (you need it to use the Play store fully). And from now on, I’m less inclined to get anything by Google. See, my old dumbphone is starting to act up, and now I’m thinking of getting a phone with FirefoxOS, Tizen, Sailfish (hella expensive tho), or even friggin’ Ubuntu.

  • feduuup

    Watch, it will be just like rats and a sinking ship. This rat is jumping ship. It has become nothing but another cesspool of corporate scum and NSA scum. I HOPE YOUTUBE ENDS UP SINKING FASTER THAN THE TITANIC. Don’t worry folks one of the other tube style channels is about to get a shitload of new traffic. Hopefully the next one won’t knuckle under to the government pressure.

  • Xoneon1 .

    SCREW YOU GOOGLE.You guys don’t care about the user! You care about the money! This new comment system thing is not smarter, faster, or whatever they want to call it. It’s down right stupid! They FORCE YOU to get a Google+ account when NOBODY wants it! Just want to know more about you and eventually the NSA will be on top.

  • Molecular God

    Great job guys! You screwed up YouTube after you bought it in 2006 and as if you guys couldn’t screw it up anymore, you just did with this Google Plus integration. I hope your stock drops $500 overnight! Peace!

  • Nathan Davis

    absolutely sucks. to confusing, cant figure out how to reply to comments. please revert, this is awful.

  • Last Note

    Interesting, how the fool that wrote this article approvingly refers of the awful changes to YouTube (and to YouTube’s forcing Google+ down our throats) as Google “taking shape”. The writer looks at these changes with starry-eyed wonder and apparent awe. …while the rest of the world absolutely hates the change and deeply resents Google+ being forced down our throats, mafia-style.

  • Last Note

    W W W Change[dot]org/petitions/google-change-the-youtube-comment-section-back-to-its-original-form

  • Last Note

    I hated Google plenty before this, I’ve got to be honest. (still must often rely on their search engine – YouTuber since 2006) But my hating them is steadily ramping up recently, as they cleverly and many times unscrupulously try to collect my personal data. One tactic they’ve always relied on is “being annoying”. They’ve learned that pestering can be a powerful motivator. I remember when they suddenly needed my phone number so I could keep watching cat videos. No thanks, Google. They still beg for it. Then they began their epic pestering of me to change my YouTube name. They insist(ed) that is sucks, and that only joining Google+ can fix things for me. More specifically, I automatically get a Google+ account if I answer their name-change question either way. I’ve clicked through that process (as opposed to merely dismissing the question box) many times, carefully opting to keep my original name. But my answering that question (either way, as it turns out) automatically results in me gaining a Google+ account. So I always calmly cancel the new unwanted Google+ account that spontaneously generates (careful, not the whole Google account, just the Google+ part). Incredibly, that cancellation then causes YouTube to once again begin pestering me about a name change! I’ve done it over and over. I’ve tried making variations in my choices. It’s an endless loop. Only possible solution? →I must keep a Google+ account, whether I want one or not!← Is that awesome marketing? Or is it just pure evil? …Google will NEVER stop asking to change my name. And if I ever say “No thanks” to the whole idea (dismiss the question box), they flash a helpful message promising to “ask me again later”. *scream* So now they keep asking, I keep saying no, and they keep promising to ask me again. They’ve tried to disguise it, but all it’s ever been is a brutal campaign to force Google+ on everyone.

    But then came this new far bolder solution, -cut off all YouTube comments for everyone until they consent to join Google+. For the record, I will never join Google+, …my holy oath. I have a limit, and this is it. The proverbial “last straw”. It may result in a life-improving migration away from YouTube for many of us. The inevitable Google exodus? We’ll see.

    I’ve been curtailing my use of Google products, and actively seeking and utilizing their competitor sites. I don’t have time to fight them in other ways. Spread the word, and try to limit use of their products.

  • GDrugginsNumbaWonPhan

    Google+ is stupid behind belief. Who actually uses that shit? I’ve never seen anyone except older people, maybe some business people and those who actually work at google use that thing. I’ve never even accessed it, although I apparently have one.

  • Harry Ashcrack

    Regarding the “Real Name” approach to fighting spam, WHERE IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD are your comments BROADCAST TO THE ENTIRE WORLD with your real name attached, and VISIBLE UNTIL THE END OF TIME? How often can I LOOK AT SOMEONE IN THE GROCERY LINE AND KNOW THEIR NAME AND ENTIRE PERSONAL HISTORY? It’s crazy. Only the most famous celebrities hounded by paparazzi have to endure that life. The real world has lots of anonymity, and the internet needs it too.

    It’s easy to ignore morons. The world is full of them, and the internet is just a reflection of that. Better to keep it honest, rather than timidly censor everything, or shame people into “being nice” by exposing all their personal information online. Just because some people are overly sheltered and sensitive and don’t like to hear bad words doesn’t mean the rest of us discerning adults have to suffer.

  • Pinklightning8

    So every time we post a comment on youtube it shows up on our google plus stream and all our friends can see it?! I hate this change!

    • AnnJoyViewster

      It’s just another thing nobody asked for. People on Google+ are not my friends or someone who knows me close enough, so they may misinterpret not just my comments, but also the fact that I liked a certain video.

  • wes

    Lemme see, gmail app bulky flashing garbage that works terribly on standard sized screen phone(anything iphone sized or smaller), check. Youtube app been trash for ever better off using flash enabled browser in android like dolphin or firefox beta with device switcher addon, check. Now shove g+ down everyones through through game logins and various other anti-trust methods, check. Degoogling android… priceless.

  • TAMM pON

    I am a Partner on YouTube and I can’t make comments on any of my
    videos!?! I have created and linked with a google+ account, yet still I
    can’t!?! I have been asking for help and no reply from partner
    support!?! This google youtube site has officially cast me too the side
    it appears after almost 8 years of putting my blood sweat and tears into
    my art! I can’t keep banging my head against the wall trying too deal
    with a place filled with walking zombies I am out of here, so TAMMpON is
    officially dead! PeaceouTy