Google+ is quickly maturing into a contender in the social network space, and as Google’s social web of choice, it’s becoming ever more important to Android users. Today the official Google blog announced the addition of Pages, bringing Google+ even more in line with Facebook by offering brands, sites and, well, anything a way to make a centralized landing zone for all Google+ interactions. The feature is live already, but not everyone can create new pages at the moment.

In addition to the standard circle and +1 features you’d expect, Pages will allow businesses and other entities to take advantage of the live video systems built-in to Google+, with employees or fans. And of course, Pages will be accessible from regular old Google searches. The pages themselves look a lot like the regular Google+ profiles you’re already familiar with.

Check out the official video below:

Pages is a brand-spankin new feature, and while every Google+ user can access some ready-made pages like the Dallas Cowboys and The Muppets, not everyone can create pages just yet. Google’s been going through the updates for the Google+ Android app fast, so expect an update in the next few weeks that supports the Pages feature. And of course, we’ll be sharing the Android Community Google+ page with you just as soon as it’s ready. Oh, and Google’s Android team is already up, so add them to your circles now!

  • Great. Now if we can just get all the people who tried Plus and then abandoned to come back… well then there’d be people to see these Pages.

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  • Recently Google
    launched their Brand Page, which will help bring more people on Google+.
    Companies can do live video chats with their customers through the Brand
    Page. Google is working towards having multiple admins on the Brand Page,
    somewhat like Facebook, who will maintain and control the page. From a
    business point of view, Google Plus pages are more effective and can easily
    promote brands.This is because even people outside of your
    “circles” can view the Brand Page. The Brand Page also has an
    upperhand as one has access to Google’s other sevices and tools, like search
    engine, documents, Google Maps, shopping, videos, news, places, etc. With
    these advantages it certainly looks as though Google Plus is gonna win the
    race in the coming years.  

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