Putting an end to the recent string of Waze rumors, an acquisition has been officially announced this morning. Google has acquired Waze and while they choose not to say anything in terms of the dollar amount, there does appear to be a bit of good news for both Waze and Google Maps users. Basically, it looks like each side will be getting new features from the other.

Google has said this acquisition is being done in an effort to "help you outsmart traffic" and on top of that, they have acknowledged that Waze is currently the "fast-growing community of traffic-obsessed drivers is working together to find the best routes from home to work, every day." For those not familiar with Waze, one of the bigger features is the ability to report (and get reports from others on) current traffic issues.

Further details here include how the Waze development team will be remaining in Israel and continue to operate separately "for now." Basically, Google doesn't seem to have ruled out combining the teams at some point in the future. While some of the hardcore Waze users may be a bit upset by this acquisition, Google has also said they plan to "work closely with the vibrant Waze community" going on to say the community is the "DNA of this app."

Otherwise, there wasn't any timeline as to when Waze and Google Maps users will see any of these new features. So far Google has said Maps could get some "traffic update features" and that Waze could get some of "Google's search capabilities."

Speaking as a Google Maps user that really likes Waze, we can only hope that some of the traffic features arrive sooner rather than later. And if nothing else, maybe this means those who also use both apps will at some point be able to remove Waze and commit fully to Google Maps. In the meantime, is anyone already planning to run from Waze? Or will you at least be willing to stick around and see where things head moving forward.

SOURCE: Official Google Blog

  • bitflung

    i see no reason to run from waze – it’s a good product and as long as google doesn’t pull the plug it should continue to be a good product.

    google maps doesn’t run well on my android device (moto defy xt): it crashes, locks up the phone, and often fails to acquire a gps lock. waze has none of these issues. i’m sure the weak-natured-phone has a lot to do with my issues with google’s native product, but i completely avoid using it today. hopefully none of google’s potential changes to waze will introduce features that completely break the product as gmaps is broken on my device today (original stock version and latest update behvae similarly poor for me – requiring a battery pull to reboot about 1 out of every 3 times i use it)

  • Alan

    Other than a couple of time Waze has decided to directly to a different destination mid journey to somewhere 200 miles away, its been an excellent choice of Nav tool.
    I love driving everyday knowing where traffic is slow, where traffic cops lie in wait and generallly being informed about whats ahead.
    What I don’t like is the new advertising that suddenly offers to divert me to Taco Bell periodically. I will be sticking with Waze until they merge the 2 apps