Google acquire NFC startup Zetawire for mobile wallet ambitions

December 14, 2010

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  • It pisses me off to know that Google made a fool out of other phone companies like Motorola and HTC. Why did they launch their newest OS at the same time as the Nexus S? It’s like they are saying that the other Android Phones that came before Nexus S is inferior in quality. Just to be fair, Google should be contented by being the company that provides the OS. It is very ugly to see that they are competing with their own clients. Give me a hell yeah!

  • ricky isa


  • Brandon

    Why would that be the case…motorola has plenty to chose from now its time for samsung to shine…htc used to be on windows band wagon so now that their out of the way…time to move on…google is actually doin a great job in avoiding the favoritism persona.

  • Truth of the matter is, no matter how much 1 person may complain, Google knows what they are doing, which is why they make so much $$$$. And samsung already is shining. They release the best android phones everytime. I mean, it’s only because of 4g that vibrant sales decreased. And now with the galaxy S 4g phone out, samsung is back on top with the best performing android phone.