Google announced the all-new Gmail last week and began rolling it out for all Android users this week. The update arrived in the Play Store on June 3rd and while it brought some notable changes, there are a few items that have been bugging us. The two that seem to be the most offending is the lack of a delete option and the sender images.

Anyway, as it turns out, both of these can be easily adjusted by heading into the settings. Specifically by heading to Settings -> General Settings. From here you will need to make a few additional taps depending on which item you are adjusting. Those looking to bring back the delete option should tap the first option — Archive & Delete actions.

From here you have a few options available, but those looking to have delete and archive should choose Show archive & delete. Once that has been completed you will then see an option to archive and also to delete when viewing an individual message. Additionally, a tap and hold of a message from the Inbox view will also present both the archive and delete options.


Next up is the sender images. These, in theory are nice to see however when you seem to be getting messages from users that don’t have an image set, they seem rather silly. You can get a look at my current inbox from the image here, but we suspect others have a similar look. That said, this change is just as easy as the last. Again, you will need to head into the general settings. Once there just look for Sender image and make sure the button to the right is unchecked.


Of course, while there were some small annoyances, this update did bring some nice features. For example, the access to the labels (by tapping the menu icon in the upper left) seems convenient. Plus the swipe to clear seems to be a good way to quickly move through some messages.

One of the other differences that arrived with this update is with the multi-deleting (archiving). This latest release requires a tap and hold for each message you want to include. Not ideal, but we suspect it is something that we will get used to with time.

  • Aaron Allen

    If you leave the sender images on they are treated like the old check boxes from the previous versions. You can tap on them and it selects them, tap multiple for multiple archives/deletes/etc.

    • xiromisho

      tapping those always ended up opening them for me – but then again when
      it comes to “Tap this and rotate 36% to the left and swipe” I fail
      completely… Gesture Controls and myself do not get along. IDK what it is, but this “Natural Motion” thing is completely unnatural to me. Maybe I’m too ingrained in the need to be precise, but any time I use a gesture for one function I end up doing a completely different function… so they become more of a pain than anything.

  • Brian Pace

    My settings were the ideal to begin with. πŸ™‚

  • physioproffe

    It only requires tap-and-hold to select the first message. Then you only need to tap to select each additional one. So this actually ends up better than the check box method, because you don’t have to aim at the check box, and can rapidly select multiple messages.

    • TheTorish

      +1 It’s surprising how many people don’t realize this.

    • Angelo Allegra

      So basically it is like when you select multiple apps from the Your Apps list in the Google Play Store πŸ™‚

  • Protocol-X

    You do not have to tap and hold if you have images on. You only need to click the image. Sadly you cannot create labels though yet or select all.

  • Just tap the icons and it is the same as multiselect

  • xiromisho

    Thanks for the guide. Was meaning to disable this stuff… the most annoying thing was the archive instead of delete… I don’t get why I’d want to archive to begin with tbh.

    • TheTorish

      Delete should be reserved for emails that MUST be gone forever such as that incriminating shot of you getting high naked on you mom’s La-Z-Boy while they were out. Everything else should be archived so it can be searched for later. You probably wont, but it’s always there if needed. You never know you needed a deleted email until you need it.

  • William Bainbridge

    Thanks infinitely! Exactly what was needed!

  • Frank

    cant thank you enough.

  • scott

    update sux. thanx 4 the tips.

  • Aaron James

    Tapping the picture icons selects them… There was a swipeable instruction pane explaining that when I updated. I don’t know why you keep saying you have to long press anything.

  • jWgIzMo

    I guess we ALL should have read like you did.. Thanks, I needed that

  • Well, at least google still gives us the option to put it back or not. πŸ™‚

  • HarryMonmouth

    I guess it will be easy getting used to having to select each item to delete individually over time, considering that it is going to take about an hour of time to delete all the emails from wowcher.