GMail Creator Predicts Android Will Eventually Kill Chrome OS

December 15, 2010

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We know that Android, at least in its current form, isn't the best bet for Netbook or Notebook PCs. Google knows this as well, which is why they started development on Google Chrome OS, a web-based browser operating system. However, former Google employee and GMail creator, Paul Buchheit, has predicted that Android will eventually kill or merge with Android.

Now although this is just a prediction, it brings up an interesting point. When Google noticed that Android was being used for tablets, they started development of a tablet optimized operating system (Honeycomb). They may just do the same, or something similar, and build an optimized version of Android to be used on notebooks if Chrome OS fails to launch successfully.

What do you think about the Chrome OS as a whole? Do you think it would be better replaced by an Android-based OS? And, if you'd like to test drive the operating system for yourself, remember that we are giving away two Google Chrome Cr-48s!

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  • It would make sense that Google would want to port over android to netbooks and tablets, like Apple did with iphone/ipad.

    I still want something more robust and windows based for my laptop though. Don’t know if most people feel that way, or if I’m just a Windows power user.

  • paulikxp

    For me Chrome OS is more than obsolete. You will have a Net-/Notebook which is “thumb”. No or very restricted storage on the device, the unability to use common programs, the necessity for having a special marketplace, no (or only very restricted) offline working potential. What is that for? Everything you can do with Chrome you are able to to with Ubuntu, Windows (if you have to…), Android.
    So there’s no merge needed between Android and Chrome as Android is able to do everything (apart from the reduntant Chrome Apps) Chrome can.
    Maybe I missed something but I can’t follow anymore.
    Honeycomb looks very very promising, ADAM buyers will be able (if then 😉 ) to use many Honeycomb functions in Gingerbread thanks to their OS extensions and purpose built UI.

  • It’s the apps! The ecosystem!

    I could see Chrome OS being incredibly useful in airports or hotel kiosks. Simple and secure.

    It would be nice to see demos of online apps running offline with chrome. It also might work alright in the enterprise as long as work email was web-based.

    It does need at least a terminal emulator. That is #1 on the list of things I’d want.