Android users now have another option to consider when it comes to navigation. This latest app is called Viago and from a company that will be familiar to many — Garmin. The Garmin Viago app is available from today, priced from $0.99 and touted as being one that allows you to “navigate with features you won’t find in free apps.”

Some of the highlight features include turn-by-turn navigation and lane assist. The Viago app also offers something called photoReal junction views which provide a “realistic look at interchanges ahead.” The Viago app also shows information to include the current street, as well as your current speed and the speed limit.

The maps are searchable by address and point-of-interest, and the maps are online. In other words, you’ll need to make sure you are connected to get the most out of the Viago app. On the flip side, having the maps online means you are using less on-device storage, and that you should always have up to date maps.

Aside from Viago being a $0.99 purchase — there are in-app purchases available. Garmin lists this as allowing the user to customize their experience with optional upgrades. One of those upgrades will put the maps on your device — for times when you are not sure you will have a proper internet connection.

Having said all that, more options for navigation sounds good, however in the case of Garmin Viago — many of the reviews seem to suggest the in-app purchases are not all that inexpensive. The Garmin Viago app is priced at $0.99 and available from the Google Play Store.

VIA: Engadget

  • Brandon Ryan

    If you want all the features in the video, expect to pay upwards of $60 PER REGION. This app is way too expensive when many of the features are included in the free app alternatives. Garmin is just too greedy this time.

  • Naren

    Not available in the UK eventhough the screenshot displays UK signage! . Disappointed!

  • Rick

    Will this work with Garmin maps that I already own?

  • bolski

    I heard it’s $10 per IAP. That’s NUTS! In fact, if you purchased all the features for the Garmin app, you’re talking about $60. In order to get what Google does for free, you’ll plunk down at least $30. No thank you.