Options for traditional game controls for Android have been somewhat limited so far. If you don't have an XPERIA Play, you can use Bluetooth mods like a Wii Remote. If you've got an original DROID or a similar QWERTY phony you can try a Game Gripper. But Gametel's Android-specific controller looks to be the first self-contained game controller designed for Android, and Tech Radar got their digits on it for a quick hands-on.

The Gametel device connects to Android phones and tablets via standard Bluetooth then controls any game that supports keyboard or external input. (With Ice Cream Sandwich, this might improve and expand considerably.) For smartphones it includes an expandable and adjustable clip, which folds away if you're using some sort of stand, or a tablet. In looks like it's got the standard Sper NES layout of a D-pad, four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, start and select - surely a boon to fans of the many classic console emulators available on Android.

Those who got to try it out said what while the experience wasn't mind-blowing, it's a definite improvement over flaky touchscreen controls. The company isn't ready to start shipping just yet, but when they do, the controller will set your back fifty pounds, the UK equivalent of eighty US dollars. That's pretty stiff, even for a game controller, but if you find yourself playing Android games constantly it might well be worth it.

[via TechRadarUK]

  • badbob001

    No analog nubs and costs more than console controllers that do? Someone might as well make a phone clip-on for a xbox controller with the chat pad.

    • Anonymous

      I agree!!  If It had analog sticks and was $50…I would seriously consider it.  But….nope. Not yet.

  • Ripp off 80 bucks they are crazy ill get the onlive one for 50.00 and it looks like a 360 controller not a old nes pad with extra buttons

    • Anonymous

      Does OnLive attach to the phone?