Gamestop Android app brings the store to your pocket

May 14, 2012

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Gamestop is in the news today for more than a few reasons. For one they've now started allowing buyers to trade in used games, consoles, iPods and more all for Steam gift cards -- Yup Gamestop is being nice to the PC gamer again. Along with that news they have also released an all new app for Android that brings Gamestop's services to your pocket.

Gamestop for Android has actually been available for about two weeks but recently has been spotted now that they're in the news for their Steam agreement and being friendly to the PC gamer again. The folks at Android Police tipped us off on the new app and it has tons of features making it worth a quick shout out.

Gamestop Mobile for Android allows users to track rewards, find stores, check local store games availability and even has an included barcode scanner for people looking to find the best deal on a game. A quick scan will show you all the content you'd ever want to know on the game, as well as local stores with it in stock. Gamestop will also allow for in-app purchases where you can buy the game right from your Android phone and pick it up in-store. Gamestop Mobile Android (the official name) is available now and seems to be compatible with every phone and tablet I've ever owned. Get it from the link below and let us know if it helps you find your next favorite Xbox game.

Gamestop App Link

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  • Prateek Panchal

    Why is it showing me that it is incompatible with my samsung galaxy s2 I9100g???? …… Need proper info about compatible devices….