Gameloft teases Real Soccer 2013 in new video

September 13, 2012

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Gameloft is at it again today teasing one of their most successful games for mobile devices. We all know it as Real Soccer 2013 but for the rest of the world this is Real Football. Today Gameloft has released some teaser images as well as a behind the scenes video of their 10th iteration of the popular game. Those Soccer fans will want to take a peek below.

And yes, it's Soccer! Real Soccer 2013 looks to be their best yet as they are claiming it to be the most immersive Soccer experience yet. I've always been a fan of the Real Soccer franchise and can't wait to give the latest and greatest a try. The graphics look great but I'll let you see for yourself.

[youtube FGCAy_tCPMA]

The Gameloft crew even went to Madrid to learn from the pros themselves with this latest version of the game, and hopes to take it to new heights. With stunning new graphics, improved visuals and lifelike physics this looks to be quite a fun gaming experience. Gameloft has even added an additional "off field" mode where you can manage your team away from the field. Pretty interesting right?

Gameloft goes on to talk about being able to assemble and build your own championship Soccer team from the ground up and win it all. This will truly be the most immersive experience yet. So far they are still light on an official release date but it should be arriving for Android smartphones and tablets sometime soon. Who's ready for some Soccer? Errr Football? More details from recent Gameloft releases can be found below.

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  • you are doing the creators of this game a dis-service by calling it Real SOCCER. That is not it’s name, and conforming for idiots who dont realize the difference between football and American Football is embarrassing for this website.
    We all know it as Real Football.