Gameloft, the Android game publisher that’s so good you almost don’t mind that none of their games are on the official Android Market, is having a closeout sale on some of its top-tier games this weekend. First-person shooter N.O.V.A, card game UNO, stealthy-stabby adventure Assassin’s Creed and the well-loved Asphalt 6 are all just a buck through Sunday, October 2nd. Gameloft announced the sale via their Twitter account, @GameloftAndroid.

If you’ve never bought a Gameloft title before, understand that the publisher sells its games directly to bypass the fees in the Android Market. You can pay the company on their website with any major credit card, then insert your phone number and model to start the download. All four games are available in their HD versions, so they’ll look great even on your shiny new Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Transformer.

Though some of these games have been superseded by newer versions (like N.O.V.A. 2), they’re all solid choices and well worth a single greenback each. Note that, unfortunately, not every game is supported on every phone. Check the Gameloft device lists for more details.

  • Sonuvagun… I just bought Asphalt 6 for $5 about 20 hours ago. But the game is really very good. $1 is a steal. If you’ve got the Droid Bionic, you may be having a hard time finding compatible games. Get this game.

  • BW

    I just checked their site from my Bionic and the games are still showing up at normal price