Gameloft details “Big Android Sale” for Labor Day Weekend

August 31, 2012

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The extremely popular game developer on Android that you should all know plenty by now, Gameloft, has just announced that they'll be hosting a "Big Android Sale" for the Labor Day weekend. Surely this is one of many sales that will be going on, so all you gamers should be ready to spend some dollars. More details below.

Gameloft has just announced that they'll be offering three of their most popular and hottest selling titles on Android all for just $0.99 each. Yup, good deal indeed. The three titles include the extremely impressive N.O.V.A 3 shooter (see our review) Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, and then Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for those looking for a shoot em up style game.

Gameloft makes some of the best games for Android, and have continued to impress with recent releases like Batman: Dark Knight, Asphalt 7, and there open world Amazing Spider-Man game. I was hoping a few of those would be on sale but will take what I can get. NOVA 3 is one of my absolute favorite shooters for Android -- and works amazingly well with a gamepad controller.

Labor Day weekend we always get a slew of sales for Android games and apps, so you can expect to see multiple announcements such as this from some of the biggest developers in Android. On a side note, the popular shooter Max Payne is also on sale for just a buck too. Get all of these awesome games for $0.99 cents each at the links below, and have a happy Labor Day!

N.O.V.A. 3
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

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  • Gutterball

    Ah man I’ve been waiting forever for dark knight rises and spiderman to go on sale for labor day and now nothing! C’mon gameloft throw us a bone not even half off those games at least?!