The Galaxy Tab sales situation goes from bad to worse as, only moments after Samsung was forced to admit that its much-lauded sales figures were in fact merely shipments to retailers and carriers, analysts suggest returns rates for the 7-inch slate have been surprisingly high. ITG crunched the numbers across 6,000 US retail locations and discovered that, between the November launch of the Galaxy Tab and January 15, 15-percent were returned.

In the run up to the holiday period, the number was a little closer – at around 13-percent – but in the period after it rose to 16-percent, likely as unwanted gifts were returned. In comparison, ITG suggests, Verizon has been seeing just 2-percent returns on Apple’s iPad since it began selling the larger iOS slate.

ITG blames Android 2.2 Froyo as unsuited to tablet-scale use, despite Samsung’s attempts to customize the platform with its own apps. Google will attempt to change its fortune in the tablet space later this week, with a Honeycomb launch event; for more on what that will bring to the table, check out our deep dive into Android 3.0.

[via SlashGear]

  • Rizo

    Good, thats what samsung gets for the way they treat their existing customers!

  • Anonymous

    Odd, because retailer that I go to, within my neighborhood, that sells these has had a good sell rate and low return rate. Perhaps my neighborhood see the value in this product and platform more than some others. Go figure.

  • Ryo

    Good story. Now we all now that the iPad is much better…
    Why are you guys doing that?
    I don’t know.
    I like my Galaxy Tab, I would never return it, and I can recommend it to everyone who wants a real portable tablet. Now and even after the Xoom release.

    • why would we report something just so one item sells better than another? that’s not our job