Galaxy S7 Edge spotted with microUSB port

February 18, 2016

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As MWC 2016 draws closer, we're seeing more leaked images not just of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge but also of other smartphones. This time, another set of Galaxy S7 Edge images were posted on a Chinese website. The image above seems legit with all those smudges on the screen and its obvious similarity to last year's S6 Edge.

We've seen this the other day in an official promo video. The physical home button on this S7 Edge is the same as the home button on the Galaxy S7 spotted in Dubai recently. What's interesting though is this bottom side image of the S7 Edge that tells us there won't be any USB Type-C port.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge a

What we see here is only a microUSB port. So no USB Type-C yet for Samsung's latest premium flagship phones. That's not a real surprise because it's not really an industry standard yet. Maybe Samsung just wants the new technology to improve first before they use it on their phones.

Or maybe Samsung is only waiting for more USB Type-C cables and connectors to be certified first. We all know that there aren't a lot of compatible accessories yet as per Google engineer Benson Leung who's been busy reviewing USB Type C cables and accessories.

Once again, here is the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy S7 leaked yesterday:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2

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  • Sheldon75

    Maybe they want to keep it compatible with, lets say, gear VR etc…? I have one and I’m glad they did…

  • six6sixwitch

    Good for people not wanting to buy whole new sets of peripherals as it’s still very early in the morning for USB-C, but as far as “The latest and greatest” at MWC this is kind of a fail.