Galaxy S5’s Ultra Power Saving put to test in road trip

July 21, 2014

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Since Samsung has been harping about the Ultra Power Saving mode of its Galaxy S5 for some time now, even going so far as to mock its rivals with a clever ad, they decided to prove its worth with a coast to coast road trip test. The trip was compressed into a 2.5 minute video that shows the smartphone managed to last 7 days on the road without needing to recharge it.

The video shows two men who go on a road trip from New York to Venice, California and using a Galaxy S5 that was mostly on Ultra Power Saving Mode, they were able to use it for 150 hours through 3504 miles in 13 states visited. Not only that, they were also able to send out 86 texts, take 119 photos, take around 4+ minutes worth of videos and had 16+ minutes of talk time. We say mostly in Ultra Power Saving Mode because it was not on the entire time, as they had to switch to regular mode in some instances. The video indicates when it was on and off, depending on what they were using the phone for. Imagine how much longer it would have lasted if it was on Ultra Power Saving mode the entire time.

The feature basically turns your Galaxy S5 into black and white mode and you can only access certain applications, like making phone calls and sending text messages, the Samsung browser, and if you want to, some other apps like Calculator, Google+, Clock, Voice Recorder, Memo, ChatOn. It also turns off all unnecessary features of your smartphone, including WiFi and Bluetooth, and if your screen is off, your mobile data. Since the S5 has an AMOLED screen, this means that it doesn’t use a backlight so if it’s in grayscale mode, it basically turns the pixels off.

Since the Galaxy S5 and all its variants are the only smartphones (so far) that offer this feature, they have a distinct advantage over their competitors, since battery life and being mobile without charging are two of the most important things for users right now. Check out the road trip video and see what you will be able to do on a coast to coast road trip with your S5 on Ultra Power Saving mode.

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  • dontsh00tmesanta


  • Romdude

    You forgot the HTC One’s with their similar Extreme Power Saving modes, for both the M8 and M7.

    • Hien Nguyen

      Neither M8 or M7 is equipped with AMOLED display -> Extreme Power Saving mode does not help much in black and white display mode (LCD uses more energy in dark mode)

      • Romdude

        True but if you are just using it as a phone and texting, you won’t need that amoled dark mode right? It will mostly be off and when you do use it as a phone, the screen turns off when it’s near your cheek.

  • Dacha

    Why? They don’t have outlets in Samsung?