The Galaxy S5, which should be released at MWC, is expected to bring on some changes for the Samsung Galaxy lineup. Via Amazon, we may get a few more hints at just when we’ll be able to have our hands on the handset as well. We also see some interesting design cues, if the displayed image is the S5 as we’ll receive it.

From an Amazon listing from Spigen, we see a Galaxy S5 that is a bit more squared, but not quite as much as the earlier mock-up we’ve seen. This time around, we see a much more Samsung-y design, though some differences are noticeable. The speaker grill looks to be a nice metal on both the black and white variants, which adds a touch of class.

The home button also looks a bit textured, which would be new. It could be an affectation of Samsung’s alleged fingerprint scanner on the home button, too. Whatever the case, if it ends up textured like that, at least Verizon would have a hard time branding it — so that’s a positive.

Perhaps most telling is the availability. The case is in stock on April 15th, which gives us an idea of when the device will be available to us. Spigen cases are usually available right around the time of launch, and they are usually pretty lax about revealing handset details. We saw this with the Nexus 5, where their cases pretty accurately displayed some hardware details ahead of launch. We’ll hopefully know for sure soon, and we’ll be on the ground at MWC, bringing you all the news!

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  • Gamblor77

    SO ANNOYING if they still don’t have front speakers like this suggests!

    • ololo

      And looks like apple’s true tone flash is trending

      • hohopig

        What on earth are you talking about here. There is nothing like that in the post. 😛

      • ololo

        See that flash below the camera lens over there? Thats apple’s true tone, so does the m8 leaks, you’re not a fans of leaks do you? I own s4, I want to know what s5 looks like, well, I’m very disappointed, now, is there anything I could help you with?

      • Gamblor77

        If have owned every Samsung Galaxy phone except the S4 and ironically the one that took the best pictures was the S2 for me. My current Note 3 takes amazing macro shots but sucks in low light and most times even moderate light the pictures are fuzzy and faded out. I’m not a big fan of Apple because they are too small and locked down but they do take good pics with the limited functions they do have. So if Samsung actually takes steps in the right direction I don’t care who the hell they copy it from. I was hoping they copied the design from the HTC One but from this leak it’s looking like they dropped the ball again. I’ll wait to see what Monday brings but they are slowly losing the business of a faithful customer as they keep adding gimmicks and ignoring the quality of useful things like the camera and speakers.

  • Wtfreak, if for reals, bezels look bigger…Ewwch

  • anon

    “AM 12:00” Certainly not real. Anyone with general common sense will understand why. Whoever created this didn’t have any at all.