There’s no denying the Galaxy S III is an awesome phone. One of the things that impressed us during our hands-on was the user interface. Samsung’s new TouchWiz UX is as impressive as ever, stable, and extremely smooth. While waiting for the phone to be released we now have an early taste for a few lucky Samsung owners. When S-Voice and the full ROM was leaked developers started work on a port, and today we have just that.

The new and improved user interface known as TouchWiz for the Galaxy S III has been ported to the Samsung Galaxy S II, as well as the Galaxy Note for those that would like to take it for a spin. Well the launcher has at least. Yes it was fast and stable on the SGSIII’s quad-core, but it runs great on older phones too.

For now this will only work on Samsung based ROM’s so CM9, AOKP, and others won’t work with this just yet. For more info you’ll want to head to XDA and get the skinny on all the details. If you have the Galaxy S II you’ll want to head to this thread. Or Galaxy Note users can get the latest TouchWix now that it’s been added to this ROM at XDA. It might not be the full on real thing, but it’s pretty close and appears to run quite great from the comments we’ve read.

As always be sure and flash these at your own risk. Let us know how it goes and enjoy that early taste of the Galaxy S III goodness.

[via PocketDroid]


    I am running ICS 4.0.4 with a Galaxy S3 themed launcher / lockscreen that came as a package in the Google Playstore for a buck something & it’s definitely worth a download if your not looking to go as far as doing the above. Im running it on my white galaxy Note & it looks fantastic & runs exeptionally well, just as good as the touch-wiz that is actually on the phone. I havent expereinced a single force close or anything. With that launcher covering up the stock one & replacing the stock keyboard with Swiftkey 3 all running on ICS 4.0.4 my Note is so damn sweet, but once it recieves the update to Jelly Bean I have to say I have my dream phone 🙂 – KID ANDROID