Samsung has begun the OTA roll-out of Android 4.0 for the Galaxy Note, finally delivering Ice Cream Sandwich to the company's eager phablet fans. The near-320mb upgrade, spotted first Note owner Devin Balentina, brings with it not only the performance improvements of ICS, but Samsung's Premium Suite of new apps for the handset.

There's an upgraded version of S Note, with improved digital note-taking tools, as well as a new S Memo widget for the homescreen. There are more details in Samsung's overview video, below.

Samsung Premium Suite overview:

[youtube FvH6vbhOs6Y]

Ice Cream Sandwich's most obvious changes - to the UI - have been masked, however, with the latest version of Samsung's TouchWiz interface. That should help preserve some consistency of experience for users, but we can't help but wish Samsung had pared TouchWiz back somewhat and revealed the cool, crisp Roboto loveliness of native 4.0.

According to SammyHub, German Note owners can also access the new firmware by plugging their handset into the desktop Kies app. Let us know if you're seeing the OTA notification in the comments!

[via SlashGear]

  • aris77

    updating right now using kies. unbranded, unlocked galaxy note, brought from germany

    • Does that mean if I change the service code CSC from Nordic to Germany, I will also get the update in Norway?

      • Afdfdsfddfa

        Yes, but your device will get wiped. If you don’t mind that, then go for it.  🙂

      • Italian in usa

        How do u do that
        I don’t mind wipe me device out
        Fresh start

      • Lostman

        What is the CSC code for germany.

      • Lostman

        It does not work i tried for GBL , O2I, XEO, VGR 

  • Me

    No OTA update yet.

  • Adam Gweleg

    Nothing  until  now  In  Libya  

  • Not in India as of now!!

  • Robbo

    Updating right now in Australia using Kies from a Note i brought in Hong Kong (but with German language as default.)

    • As

      me too bought one from kogan.. will update now..

      • Sepingco

        In Australia and bought from Singapore. I dont see an update yet 🙁

  • Nothing in Toronto, Ontario Canada! 🙁 Rogers LTE

  • nope from india

  • Sandor Terhes

    Sajnos még semmi…

  • Modeshah

    Nada in UAE atm

  • Badvock

     nothing in UK :'(

    • HF

      nope!!! in the uk

  • Angelusvu

    Heyy, im in Canada but my phone is from Poland i unlocked it already. How can i update it? Its not letting me update.. help??? pls and thank you. 

  • Alexv396

    Can someone tell me what is CSC code? Thank you.

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  • DavidADickinson1962

    I just updated my phone from UK stock Gingerbread ROM 2.3.6 to ICS 4.0.3 using the official german download available from SAMMOBILE and it is working like and absolute dream. It took no more than 10 minutes with odin V1.87. And I have a version of Android on my phone that Kies recognises as well. Very pleased

    • Mgol1302

      Have you tested the Interned connection with Speedtest ? Did you note any difference with 2.3.6 ?

  • Ed

    I want to buy a Note, but am I correct in thinking there’s an updated version imminent or is it the same phone with these downloaded updates – ICE and Premium Suite?

    •  Its the same, new download are for any Note

  • Not seeing it availabe in states yet, go figure

  • micoric

    No OTA yet here in Philippines. Wish to have it the soonest…

  • Mgol1302

    BE AWARE !

    upgrading to 4.0.3 via Kies (I have a German version) I encountered severe
    Internet connection problems. The download speed is ridiculously low and, what
    is even worse, the graph looks like a saw (very unstable). The rest works fine,
    but I did not find any SIGNIFICANT benefits compared to 2.3.6. Taking into
    account the above Internet problem, I would not recommend being in a hurry with
    the upgrade. Personally, I would even downgrade to the perfectly stable 2.3.6,
    if I could.

    • You should restore to factory defaults by backup of everything with desktop Kies app and volume up+center home button+power off for a while until you boot to android recovery mode than restore all with desktop Kies app.
      You can downgrade too by flashing a Rom from yet you might void warranty or damage it if not done the right way… resetting to factory defaults will not damage your internal USB or SD card data…and not considered tampering like flashing ROMs

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  • After reading this I plugged my GT-N7000 excited to get the new update and… nothing it says I have the news version 2.3.6 and Software Update has the same effect maybe Israel or Cellcom are last in line….

  • Nandyslm
  • nivle

    No ics yet for notes here in indonesia.

  • kevinlee670

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  • Sandor Terhes

    Sajnos még mindig semmi… 🙁
    No Ice Cream Sandwitch update… 🙁

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  • Jeremyjohnston35

    I don’t know where the author is getting the update, no ics ota update available in the US 🙁

    • Jmemux

       When is it going to be available in the U.S.?

  • Smithgogs

    Is this update available in india via OTA? ?

  • Fvvs

    Got my update (Indonesia)

  • ICS update for G Note now available in Indonesia – I am downloading it as we speak. Cant wait!!!

  • SG

    I got OTA notification, but I press Cancel to get WiFi first for the update, then I try update via Kies, not succeed, theres no update for this firmware 🙁 (Indonesia)

  • Skyzokim

    received an update notification in Phuket (Thailand). It took about 20 min trough WIFI. The UI has changed a bit but not like wow. I still can’t see the big modifications and can’t find the face recognition to unlock the phone. The phone does feel more snappy and the email layout looks great. Need some more time to find out the changes. 

  • upgrading my Note to ICS inprogress here in Malaysia

  • chris

    I am in Hong Kong – Kies has just detected the update. Installing now!

  • Joe

    I live just outside of Toronto, Canada, and I just received my Note today from Amazon. It’s a German edition that I picked up unlocked with no service provider. It was Gingerbread when I got it, but within a few minutes of getting it set up and going (I put in my T-Mobile SIM that I use when traveling in the USA), I got the OTA ICS notification and the update came down and installed. All is good!

  • Anant

    I am in india and just received ics ota for note. Good update.

  • Misty

    I couldn’t update OTA. I’m with Vodafone, and I was checking OTA for an update for ages. Plugged it into Kies, and it found ICS…So far so good 🙂

  • Cyril

    Just got the official notification and ota update done yesterday here in Singapore.

  • sami

    nothing in vancouver canada

  • just updated my note to ice cream sandwich and it is a disaster.
    every 2 mins the phone say “unfourtunatly the keyboard is not working”.
    i even did a factory restore and the problem is still not fixed.
    from india. 🙁